I grew up in a small town, where everybody knows your name and everything about you. You know…a place where your parents knew what you did, almost before you were done doing it.

It was 1 mile long, we had one stop light and I still remember the day we got our first McDonald’s. I was in my teens and boy, we were sure something then!

Then, around 1982 (I was about 19, barefoot and pregnant), my parents, my (then 2yr old son) and I, moved to the great of Texas.

I remember the day my Mom, my son and I (Dad came down later), came over this big hill and saw the lights of Austin for the first time. I was truly in awe and remember thinking…”I can’t believe I’m going to be living there”.

All we could see, as far as the eye could see…were lights! It wasn’t that I’d never seen a big city before (give me some credit here). We’d taken plenty of family vacations all over the US, including Vegas (the city of lights and never sleeps should be it’s name) and Canada (BEAUTIFUL country and absolutely LOVE it!). It was the shear fact, I simply never imaged I’d ever LIVE in a city that size!

I just kept thinking…I’ll never find my way home or anywhere else, for that matter! Yes, I was born blonde and one who’s sense of direction is horrible 🙂

I should also mention…The little town I grew up in was in Michigan (I don’t admit that to many) and we only had FOUR directions out of town. ALL of which, but one, ended at one of the Great Lakes, so, pretty hard to get lost LOL

But, after a bit…I grew to love it here!

We continued to live in Austin until around 10-12 yrs. ago, when my Husband and I bought 10 acres of land and moved to the country. And wow, was that different from anything I’d ever known. Especially, given the fact, we bought raw land…NO running water, septic, electricity (used a generator) and lived in a small tiny trailer for 6mo. while we dug it out and cleared trees.

And you know what…Those are some of the BEST memories I have and what FUN we had doing it!

Just clearing a driveway was a real sight… My Husband and I, with chainsaws in hand and our three kids with clippers clearing out the small brush and moving the logs out of the way. Although, I’m not so sure the kids enjoyed it as much as we did LOL

And now, we can’t imagine living any other way…WE LOVE IT nestled back in our little 10 acres of woods! The peace and quiet, communing with nature…Not to mention, the old blood pressure has really gone down 🙂

Our kids never did take to it, though, and kept ending up back in Austin and still there to this day.

Of course, our Grandkids agree with us… We could really do without the Texas size skeeters (ie mesquites), scorpions and Rattle Snakes. But, other than that, it’s not to shabby!

Hell, where else can you trot out to your mailbox butt naked (not that we do, mind you, as it would my my luck a big old skeeter or two would come bite me on the ass. But must confess, I often wonder if I would have the nerve to 🙂

Hey, you only live once. Might as well laugh at yourself and have FUN doing it, right!

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