You’ve probably seen or heard ads for those New Electronic Cigarettes.

Now, these have been a very REAL help to thousands of people, including, myself and members of our family. One they don’t contain ANY of the hundreds of HARMFUL added chemicals tobacco products contain…

And two, they allow you to gradually step down to ZERO nicotine, if you so choose, while STILL giving you the same satisfaction as  smoking tobacco cigarettes.

However, like everything else…All are NOT the same. So, be CAREFUL! Especially if you try one of the Nationally advertised brands. I did some checking and it seems they HAVE ripped off a growing many and worse, overcharge you AND your credit card.

Our family only trusts ONE company and have dealt with them for over a year. We LOVE the products, and most of all…Customer service has been phenomenal! The best we have ever experienced before (seriously).

But, of course, the best part, they have been a TRUE blessing, especially, for those in our family who also have growing Children in the house. Before, everyone had to go outdoors to smoke…Now, they no longer have to and the kids LOVE that too! No more having to smell that stinky cigarette smell or breathe that nasty smoke (their words, not mine).

Now, I (obviously) have NO problem sharing this with others, AND welcome others to share their experience. What I do NOT understand (and while I’m on the subject)…

WHY is it, some individuals and websites do NOT WELCOME ads allowing you to SHARE this HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE with others who are also struggling with this addiction? Others who truly DO want to break the addition or at the VERY least, IMPROVE THEIR HEALTH? Those who HAVE tried everything else out there and nothing worked.

My opinion (as these are NOT a tobacco product in my opinion)…

Some are simply too scared they might offend others. Others are afraid they will offend their customers or advertisers. If I find something that I think COULD HELP others, especially, something that is a serious health concern for many, I WILL share it. And if someone doesn’t like it…don’t look. It’s that simple.

I tell people the same thing when visiting my home…Excuse the mess, dust, what-have-you (even on those RARE occasions when there isn’t any :0), if it bothers you, don’t look. And we always end up laughing about it. Why? It makes them RELAX and they know I’m down-to earth and obviously won’t judge them.

Of course, I’ve never been one to put on airs, nor care for those who do, simply to please or impress others. It’s just not how I was made. But, another subject for another time.

As for those who do get offended by seeing these ads… Well, to put it quite frankly (it’s the German in me, so if you’re easily offended, stop reading NOW)….

Simply have their heads too far up their bums to SEE how much GOOD Electronic Cigarettes COULD and HAVE helped thousands of people! Can you tell I watch too many British Comedies :0)

So, if you visit ANY of our sites and you see an ad for these and it bothers you…Simply don’t look. And most of all don’t JUDGE on something you can’t understand.

For anyone who may also have been struggling with cigarettes…TRY THEM!

You have nothing to lose and only CLEAN AIR to gain! It’s just that simple.

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