Well, it’s July and the strangest things are going on this year. Now, we’re used to the big bug explosion we see every spring. And even used to the June bugs that literally bomb us every year. But, this year has brought some new, very strange oddities…

As I’ve mentioned before, we live in the middle of 10 acres of woods in Texas, so, creatures that run in the night (and some that NEVER seem to sleep) are the norm and we simply ignore them, for the most part.

And since I work from home and always here, I also have an unspoken understanding with them…As long as they don’t invade our living quarters or my little resale shop out front, I won’t kill them 🙂

Except for scorpions or rattlers, that is. As my Husband always says…”The only good kind are the dead kind”.

I even shared the shop for awhile with a big old yellow and black garden spider (I called Frank, although later discovered she was female). And a rat snake (I called George), who I watched grow from just a few inches long to quite a few feet long. According to the snake skins he kept leaving behind, anyway, and the 6 inch long tail I caught a glimpse of one day.

We had an understanding, he was to go back to “his” cubby under the floor every morning when I came in and I would allow him to stay and enjoy all the little country mice he could eat.

I also had an understanding with the garden spider…As long as she didn’t block doors or spin a web where I walked, she could stay and enjoy all the wasps and bugs she could eat. Of course, when she didn’t heed that warning, I’d simply clip (undue) one corner of her web and the next day she would be moved. And trust me, I used to FREAK OUT at the smallest spider, so, getting to that point did take me awhile.

And now that I haven’t done resale or estate auctions in a year or two, I really don’t want to know what has moved in there!

But, the other night I couldn’t sleep and it was about 10:00 when I began hearing something chewing in the corner of our living room. No, it was NOT at the bottom of a wall or anywhere else you would expect.

It was in coming from the wall near the ceiling! Well, our fat old house cat (Scooter or as I call him Scooby Doo) and I looked at each other, than looked back up at the ceiling, then looked back at each other and I just shook my shoulders and said…”I don’t know…YOU’RE the mouser…You tell me!”

Now, because we do occasionally get one or two of the flying critters (bees, etc.) sneaking in once in awhile, I figured one of THEM got in and was chewing on this small wall decoration we had hanging near that area.

So, I took it down, but, couldn’t find anything. And the gnawing once again continued. Finally, I realized it was coming from the corner at the top of the wall in the ceiling. Great, we have a mouse coming through the ceiling! How in the hell was I was supposed to catch it before it dropped to the floor and disappeared behind something!

Then, as if THAT wasn’t enough… My posse (an 80lb. Alaskan Malamute, Bordie Collie and a log-haired Chihuahua and of course, the cat) kept looking at each other as SOMETHING also kept making noises on the front porch.

A couple times, I’d just look at them and say, “don’t worry, we’ll catch whatever it is sooner or later”…assuming of course, it was just one of our friendly neighborhood raccoons or possum returning. But, every time I’d creep over to the door and swing open the door, nothing was there.

Normally, I would at least catch the end of a tail going over the edge of the porch. But, this was now just getting weird. Then, the next night, the gnawing in the ceiling had gone away (thank goodness or was it?), the noises at the front door returned and NOW our windows were getting pummeled!

It almost sounded like birds were hitting the front windows, but, knew that couldn’t be it. And without lights outside, I couldn’t see anything but black.

I guess I should also point out…We grew to around a steady 30-40 cats since moving to the country (coyotes and hawks kept the numbers down), due to well… we live in the country, so, many get dumped and we simply couldn’t keep up with neutering them all.

And the majority were feral on top of that, so, couldn’t catch them if we wanted to. So, ANY type of critters or creepy crawlers near the house, well…we simply didn’t get any. The ants were almost afraid to get too close!

But now, in the past couple years, with the growing population and the fact we are not within any city limits, the growing fireworks display has grown. And have since lost all but, 2 outside cats now. And knew what that would mean…

Here I sit with the great outdoors obviously trying to COME IN!

And the banging on the windows and porch? I soon discovered, by all the little green, but, dead bodies lying around…were Cicadas (also known as “Jar Flies” and “July Flies” in the South according to wikipedia).

Now, understand, other than the very RARE and very occasional shell we would find on trees, I’d NEVER actually seen one before. Much less, the thing that came out of that shell and in such numbers, in all the years we’ve lived here!

We are long used to the almost deafening noise they make (or as some call it…their “song”, although NOT how I would describe it), but this new and bigger bombing was well…just weird!

Ahhh…the Country Life… Wouldn’t want it any other way!

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