I had the most thought provoking and interesting conversation the other day…

Do you realize, the majority of Americans are dumbing themselves down?

It’s true. Think about it…

Have you ever noticed that those who eat fresh, natural food (and YES, meat included)…

Are MORE alert, energetic, quicker on their feet and hardly, if EVER, get sick.

Versus those who bombard their bodies with fast or processed food, including things like canned veggies.

Want to help PROVE this theory? Read on…

It’s ALL due to the simple fact, when your body does NOT get the PROPER nutrients it NEEDS (two keywords) for maximum support that allows your body (and you) to THRIVE…

You not only invite every bug to invade your current lowered immune system, but, also, YOUR BRAIN begins to feel to the effects, as well.

After all, it is made up of cells, right?

So, you not only, begin feeling run down, tired, etc. all the time, but, you may also be DUMBING YOURSELF DOWN…all at the SAME time!

And it’s happening to your kids, as well! Nice thought, huh.

So, what do you do?

First, cut out ALL fast food and processed food. Yes, that is very difficult to do these days, but, LESS is better.

Cut out ALL corn and wheat products, as they contain GMO’s (genetically modified organisms added). This is probably THE hardest one to do… just read any/ALL cereal boxes and ANY other label on the products you buy and you’ll understand why I say that.

Tip: EVEN if they “say” organic… don’t trust it.

Then, ADD more fresh veggies, GRASS FED beef and fish to your diet and see what happens. You could begin to feel the “fog” lift and even feel invigorated. No promises, of course… only what I experienced.


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