We finally broke down and upgraded to the new HD TV (when the new reg. left no choice). Anyway, as I was dusting one day I almost pushed it over while trying to fit my hand between the TV and the base.

So, despite my feelings regarding wasteful spending on every late, great, innovative gadget that comes along…I broke down and bought a Swiffer Duster.

Now, before I get to the results of this experiment, let me set the picture…

We live in the middle of 10 acres of woods out in the country, we have three dogs and a cat living in the house…Need I really say more?

Now, I can dust in the morning and by nightfall it can almost look about the same as it did BEFORE I dusted. Needless to say, I’m not an avid daily duster, simply for that reason.

So, I got my new Swiffer out and commenced to showing the dust and animal hair who was boss! Well, it almost lasted long enough to get one bookshelf dusted off :o(

From that point on, I went back to my old tried and true…Sprayed it with Endust and finished the job. Did it “trap the animal hair”…No. It swished it into the air, even when there was little, and I then had to play catch the floating hair. Yes, I looked like a crazy person catching invisible “somethings” in the air.

Does it work? Yes, IF you only have VERY light dust, NO animals (or animals that shed) and you dust often. Otherwise, grab a rag, some Endust and you’re good to go! And for a LOT less (can of Endust costs less and lasts a looooong time).

Sorry Swiffer, but, gotta say it like I see it!

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