For the first time ever, I was fortunate enough to get an abscessed tooth…whoo-hoo. Now, while I’ve dealt with small abscesses in the past, I’ve never had one near the root of a tooth before, nor this bad. And sure I don’t have to tell you, it was NO picnic.

In fact, after only a couple days I was starting to get worried it was bigger than I could fight by myself. The pain was only getting worse and the side of my jaw was starting to swell a little. So I went to work hunting down solutions on the internet until I could get to the dentist and get it pulled.

Nope, I don’t fix them anymore if they require a root canal or other major work. It’s just not worth the added expense in my book.

I bet I found just about every old folk-lore remedy out there, from rinsing with salt water to standing on your head with a carrot up your nose. Ok, maybe the last is stretching it a bit.

Now, the ONE remedy I DID find that sounded anywhere close to sane, stated you take equal amounts of salt and baking SODA (not baking powder-important), then soak a cotton ball in water, stick some of the mixture on it and place between your cheek and gum. With clear warnings NOT to put it on or in the actual cavity. This was a bit unnerving all by itself and never did state why.

Now, the premise was, it (the poultice) was supposed to help bring it to a head (like a pimple), so you then easily pop and drain it to relieve the swelling and more importantly, the pain (are you hungry yet :o)

Most said it worked very quickly (within a few minutes to 1-2 hours). And others said it worked but, burned their cheek and gums, some quite badly. But, pain makes you try just about anything, so, I went to mixing.

Unfortunately, I just couldn’t stomach the bad taste of cotton and baking soda, nor the burning that ensued, so, I went back to my old tried and true remedy.

I’ve done this for years, ever since my first bad tooth ache and couldn’t get to the dentist right away. I simply sit with my salt shaker near by, and 4-5 times a day…pour a LITTLE in my hand, wet my finger and rub it LIGHTLY all over my gums, making sure to get it IN THE CAVITY or all around the tooth that is hurting (in case a cavity is not obvious).

Works like a charm and very little effort and no burning. And you don’t have to worry about NOT getting it in the cavity.

IMPORTANT to note: This is NOT the same as rinsing with salt water. That has NEVER worked for me no matter how much salt I put in. Think about it, you are RINSING. How much is actually getting absorbed or staying AFTER you rinse. Just saying.

I should also state, after rubbing your gums LIGHTLY with salt, do not drink anything for a few minutes to give it time to dissolve and get absorbed into your gums. And of course, don’t use a LOT (more is NOT better) or ALL our Doctors will be breaking down our doors screaming at us for using too much salt in our diets :o)

Hope this helps someone!

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