Like millions of others there are some medical issues that simply need the additional help of pharmaceutical drugs in order to cure or maintain good health.

Now, unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you also know the pharmaceutical drug industry is BIG business.

Case in point, my Husband takes pain medication for the chronic pain he suffers. One day while waiting in line at our local Walgreen’s store, an older couple (I don’t like the word elderly, now that I’m getting up there :o) were picking up some prescriptions.

Their total OUT OF POCKET was OVER $800! That’s more than many bring home in a week. And what many seniors have to live on per MONTH!

Well, my Husband looked at me and said… “How can anyone afford that!”  Lucky for him, he only takes one other besides his insulin, as he takes all natural supplements for any/all other health issues.

I told him… “Now, you understand why you continually hear people talking about being FORCED to choose between food, paying bills, and getting their medication each month.”

It’s a very real issue and ever-growing problem that no-one who CAN do something about it, is willing to change (but, a whole other story for another time). Not to mention, every Politician also has access to the best health care available and will never have to face the same issues… ever, once they are elected to office. Which also doesn’t help matters. But, I digress…

Whether you currently deal with these issues or fortunate enough NOT to have to worry about this, just yet anyway, there is something EVERYONE NEEDS to read.

Should this be seen in the same light as price gouging or simply business as usual…


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