The next time you pick up a supplementary food product, check the label. Proprietary blends are commonly found on nutritional labels of all kinds.

These are simply a list of ingredients that do not show any actual individual value or amount of each item included in that proprietary blend.

So, what does it actually mean? Proprietary blend can mean one of two things:

1. It is a list of ingredients that do not show a value or amount of each ingredient in the formula. And a simple way to hide “trade secrets” and prevent competition from copying their formula and selling “knock offs” of their product.

2. And, sadly, the most common usage is to hide the fact, the proprietary blend of ingredients (formula) actually contains very little or no actual active ingredients. In other words, an attempt to fool consumers with little or no actual beneficial value.

So, how do you know which the product manufacturer is using for your favorite health food supplement? You can’t unless you have access to a lab.

Sometimes, simply doing a little due diligence and learning more about some of the ingredients can help. This, in and of itself, can many times shed light on a vast number of things. Such as which and how many are simply additives or fillers and which may actually offer some type of potential health benefit value.

When looking for a product or supplement to help with weight loss, mental clarity,  increased energy, or wherever your interest lies… I first do the above, then, if I like what I find and think I may benefit from it, I put it to the test for 2-3 months. Then, if I notice a change or has helped significantly in some way… I may become a customer for life.

If it seems to not help even though it appears to contain quality ingredients, may STILL not mean the company or product manufacturer is using smoke and mirrors meant to fool consumers. You also need to consider other factors, as well…

Little/no results (or effect) could also mean, it is simply not something your body needs or has hidden benefits you may not necessarily “feel”, such as antioxidants.

If your body is already functioning at optimum health and currently getting enough of that particular nutrient, then more could have little/NO effect you would see/feel (depending on what it is). Making you think it doesn’t work. And where due diligence and talking to your health care professional can really help.

And on that note, there seems to be a growing misconception or way of thinking, “more is better”. I blame advertising and the greed of big business.

Just because something might be good for you, does not mean your body needs it. Especially when it comes to maintaining the well-balance of your body. Key word being balance.

Something else I am always reminded of…

Like most everything, you CAN get too much of something, including nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. Which could have an unexpected and/or adverse effects. Just as taking too much Potassium can cause heart failure or a heart attack. And why ingesting too many caffeine drinks, like “Red Bull”, is becoming a growing health concern.

And again, why it is important to talk to your health care professional to avoid adding something your body already gets enough of or does NOT need, instead of adding and getting what your body ACTUALLY needs.

Something else I learned during my travel down the road of health…

Some nutrients pass through your system relatively quickly, while others can/will build up and could eventually do more harm than good. And again, why you should always check with your Doctor or health care professional before adding any supplements to your diet.

Just things to keep in mind that have been passed onto me and thought worthy of sharing.

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