Living in the middle of 10 acres of woods in Texas, we have more than our fair share of ticks pretty much year round.

The best way to remove a tick is with tweezers. You want to get the tweezers between the skin and the ticks head. Then, pull straight UP to remove the “sucker stem” from the skin.

BE CAREFUL NOT to squeeze the BODY of the tick, as this will release (push) more of the chemical that causes Lime Disease into the skin of the dog, cat or human. Which ever the case may be.

ANIMALS ONLY: To remove one from an area that is hard to reach with tweezers (or on an animal with thick hair), I soak a cotton ball with Adams Flea and Tick Spray (blue bottle). Then, hold it on until the flea “backs out” on its own.

Doing the same with baby oil has also worked quite well. And have also heard liquid soap works quite well, too, but, haven’t tried the soap solution, yet. These are also good solutions on HUMAN hosts, as I’ve never heard of anyone being allergic to either of these.

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