As I stated in an earlier post, it was beginning to look as if we may be getting over run with mice, sometime in the very near future. So, I went to work searching for a natural home pest control solution.

I discovered a product called Earth-Kind All Natural Home Pest Defense and Control. And after doing my usual due diligence checking them out, plus, the fact, they also offered a money back guarantee…I ordered it.

In just a few short days my package arrived containing 24 rodent control pouches. Directions stated to put them in and around areas where mice were a problem.

So, we put one under our kitchen sink, laundry room, couple in other rooms, as well as, every few feet around the house.

Then, I waited. Now, I guess I should mention, next to our sink is where we store our pots and pans, and where the little buggers were sneaking in.

And for about a week or two, everytime we pulled out a pot or pan, we had to wash it. After which time, I finally got fed up with that routine and stored them on our counter until I found a solution to this problem…go figure.

I actually poured bleach in them, washed them again with dish soap, then washed them again.

Sound a bit extreme? Maybe, but, mouse droppings are one of those things where you can’t clean it enough. In my book, anyway.

Ok, so, after placing the mouse repellent pouches in and around the house, I did not see (or hear) a single mouse for three days. Hooray! They worked!

So, the very next day I put all the pots and pans back where they belonged and yep, you guessed it… Them little buggers were BACK!

I was SO upset! Now, I get to wash them all AGAIN!

But, here’s the best part… They actually CHEWED ON the pouches I had set under those cabinets!

So, for this consumer… They were a big TWO THUMBS DOWN.

However, I feel I should also point out, the company DID issue a FULL refund VERY quickly and without ANY hassle. Which is a rare thing, as I’m sure you well know. So, for that, they get 2 thumbs up.

In all fairness, not everyone has the same experience, and well, maybe our country mice didn’t get the memo on NOT eating them. I don’t know. So..

If anyone else has tried these (you can get them here), please feel free to let us know your results.

P.S. I finally just bought some foam filler, sprayed it around the pipes and any crack and crevice I could find… And haven’t had a one since. Now, I just hope they don’t find any other “entrances” lol.


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