Well, I really can’t verify that my poor dog was beaten up by a cow, but…

As usual, every morning I let out my posse for their morning run on our 10 acres of wooded land, which consists of…

A black and white long haired Chihuahua (who was left abandoned running the streets of our Daughters neighborhood after his previous -traveling cross country- RV owners apparently didn’t want him anymore)

A 95lb, approx.7 yr. old Alaskan Malamute (my baby girl who about a year ago survived an almost zero chance survival rate for heart worm…they call her the miracle baby and BEST dog ever!)…

And our newest addition, an approx. 1 year old Border Collie, who I might add, is SUPPOSED to be the smartest dog in the world. Although some days, like today, I’m not so sure :o)

Now, just a short while after they had been out, I heard one of them bang on the door and went to let them in. After all it is running 100+ degree days here in Texas, so, not leaving them out too long is pretty important to their health…go figure.

Now, what I found sitting at the door was our Border Collie (Sportster, so named after my Husbands Harley Davidson Motorcycle), looking as though he’d had the wits scared out of him, tail tucked between his legs, and a wild look in his eyes as if screaming… LET ME IN!

So, of course, I didn’t.

Not right away, anyway, as my first thought when I saw a LARGE wet spot on his side was the bloody idiot thought chasing a skunk would be humorous. I was wrong, of course, as I stuck my nose out the door and still couldn’t smell anything.

Then, upon further inspection, besides the LARGE wet spot on his side, he was also covered (literally) head to toe in dried grass, twigs and large burrs. Oh, what fun getting those all out! Especially in 3in. long hair on a crazy pup who does NOT like to sit still more than 5 seconds! :o(

So, the ONLY conclusion I can come up with was, HE thought it would be funny to chase a baby calf and Momma didn’t think it was as funny.

Now, I never grew up on a farm, but, we had plenty of farms around us in the small town I grew up in. And the one thing everyone always said was… “Never, EVER stand between a cow and her calf!”.

And well, I’m guessing no-one ever told Sportster (our Border Collie) that.

So, long story short, he went straight into the bathroom to be checked for wounds. Then, slow but sure, every little while I went in and tried brushing more out. Each time going in and seeing a big wad of long black hair and burs hanging out his mouth, looking as though to say… “HOW did this happen!”

And after about 4 hours of repeating this process, I’m happy to say he’s now burr free, the wet spot has dried and he SEEMS to be back to his old crazy self. Wiser, who knows.

So, I’ll let you decide what really happened to him. I’m just thankful, he didn’t actually get hurt!

Think he learned his lesson? Only time will tell, I guess. If anyone has any thoughts on what COULD have happened, please don’t hesitate to share.

Ahh… Good old country life! Never a dull moment and LOVE IT!


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