IF the FDA is allowed to END the supplemental health industry… This will not only HURT those who rely on them for their health, but, the ensuing devastation to our economy will be unlike anything we have EVER experienced to date.

Mark my words, this WILL effect EVERY AMERICAN in some way.

As well as, the millions who RELY on Natural Supplements to maintain some quality of LIFE.

Including my Husband who’s body would quite literally begin to SHUT DOWN (and rest assured, most painfully) eventually lead to death without them.

You see, his body does not tolerate pharmaceutical drugs, nor does it absorb nutrients, as a normal, healthy body can/does. Most can tolerate them, some can’t. He’s one of them.

Now, depending on the drug, they can also cause undo pain and/or other complications, which then require a LOT of addtl. effort, expense and undo stress in order to TRY to undo the damage they have now done.

If you blindly take a prescription without researching and knowing EXACTLY what it does IN YOUR BODY (never simply take what the doctor tells you)… Well, don’t be surprised when bad things begin to happen. And all I’ll say on that subject, here.

This has been a 20+ year struggle and an enlightening learning experience, to say the least, that we would NOT wish on anyone.

Similar stories from millions of others will soon follow, I’m sure, IF the FDA is allowed to have its way.

So, yes, we DO know the damage pharmaceuticals CAN cause and as Americans… WE DESERVE THAT RIGHT TO CHOOSE!

Here is just one mans story IF he loses that right…

My Husband, who at 5’11”, now weighs a strapping 110lbs. (originally 170+). At only 54 yrs. of age, he looks like a frail little 90 yr. old suffering from malnutrition.

He struggles daily with pancreatic issues, acid reflux, and diabetes (due to 3/4 of his Pancreas removed due to a birth defect).

All of which, as you may or may not be aware, effects ALL your organs and hinders normal body functions. Not to mention, the side effects that go along with them, such as swelling of the feet and legs and other issues that can and DO arise from time to time.

So, maintaining ANY body weight (we get excited if he gains 2lbs.) and some level of good health is a DAILY struggle for him.

Now, in order for his organs to work, even somewhat normally, he MUST take MULTIPLE supplements specifically made to help certain organs function properly.

As well as, addtl. protein shakes and other supplements just to maintain ANY weight and stop further weight loss. If only we all had that problem, right? I look at a pc. of cake and gain 10lbs. :o)

Without even just one of them, it’s like trying to catch and stop dominoes from falling.

Now, IF the FDA is allowed to DENY access to those supplements, here’s how HIS dominoes WILL begin falling in just a matter of mere days (not weeks, months, years…DAYS).

First, his acid reflux (now kept under control by supplements and ONLY occasionally when needed, the ONE drug for that, his body can somewhat tolerate)…

Would then begin eating his throat, esophagus and already inflamed voice box. Which, could then lead to cancer and/or having his voice box removed (IF the FDA is allowed to have its way).

The later (voice box issue) recently caused by an infection due to a weakened immune system… go figure. And where addtl. supplements are also being taken to help boost that, as well. Yes, it’s a vicious circle of checks and balances and a fine line he will walk for the rest of his life.

Next, would come ever-growing severe abdominal pains as his organs WILL begin NOT working properly, without the HELP of those supplements. For those who don’t know, when you have issues with your Pancreas, it effects digestion, intestinal track and ALL organs.

Next, because his ability to eat would then also be compromised (again IF the FDA is allowed to have its way and he no longer has access to the supplements he NEEDS)…

He would then lose the remaining muscle he now has, as his body will then begin absorbing what muscle he has left. Which would then lead to hospitalization in order to pump in those nutrients EVERY body needs to maintain energy, digestion and so on.

Bare in mind, however, without access to the supplements he NOW takes in order to help KEEP ALL these things in check, as well as, the addtl. protein shakes and other supplements he also NEEDS to help maintain weight (again, IF the FDA is allowed to have its way)…

He will THEN, be in and out of the hospital and eventually (most likely in a matter of only weeks), would then need 24hr. care to not only monitor his nutritional levels, but, also 24hr. assisted care to even simply get around the house. As he will by then, be too week to even walk.

Sounds like a wonderful QUALITY way of life, doesn’t it?

Now, there’s more things that also come into play, like his inability to control his blood sugar levels, as he would not be able to eat and taking insulin, if not taken with the appropriate food intake will cause him to bottom out and go into shock or even death.

And this would ALL be the results of what WILL happen IF he is denied access to the supplements he NEEDS EVERY DAY. Something so simple.

Am I being over dramatic… From the bottom of heart, I sincerely wish I was, believe me. But, we’ve experienced what DOES happen, during the occasional months we couldn’t afford even just a couple of the supplements he needs. They do NOT come cheap.

And simply not having even just 1-2 two key supplements is all it takes to put his body in a downward spiral we then scramble to reverse.

So, to put it simply… In a matter of mere weeks (not months, years), he would lose some/ALL quality of life, his ability to work and eventually, his ability to simply get around the house. ALL of which WILL become his REALITY, IF the FDA is allowed to put an END to supplements.

Then, as neither of us would then be able to work, as we couldn’t afford 24hr. nursing care…

We would lose his health ins. and soon after… our home, as we could no longer make the payments (obviously).

Thanks FDA for PROTECTING AMERICANS BEST INTERESTS AND HEALTH! AMERICA THANKS YOU from the bottom of the ever-growing RX drug lawsuits and the bottom of our graves! (went a bit too far, on that one, didn’t I :o)

If you have a story to share, please do! But, more importantly, CONTACT YOUR local and state representatives and tell them the FDA needs to be STOPPED, before it’s too late.



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