First, I have to say, and I truly don’t mean to offend anyone, but… The ignorance is this country is astounding.

I was watching the Jay Leno show the other night, and he was asking “people on the street” simple questions everyone should know. Or so one would hope, anyway. Such as…

“what does ww2 stand for?” They had NO idea.

When asked… “what was their favorite video on youtube?” They knew right off.

And I’m sure if they were asked… “Did you know the Drug companies have already patented natural supplements, then, made them -prescription only- so we now, not only PAY more for them, but, they¬† gain more profit”

I’m sure the answer would be something like… “what are you talking about?”

Well, if YOU don’t know, you REALLY need to educate yourself.

YOUR life and future health DEPEND ON IT.


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