I recently read somewhere, that recent studies show more “FDA approved” drugs have now KILLED more people than auto accidents. And they STILL claim, drugs are your only healthy solution?

I always knew the FDA, FTC and various other “special interest” groups (let’s call them what they are), push the limits to suppress Americans to further their own personal agenda’s…

But, I didn’t know their so called “logic” (and use that term loosely) behind what WE have already allowed them to suppress. And probably didn’t bother looking, as I already knew their “reasoning” would be preposterous, anyway. And I was right.

According to

“FDA contends that only drugs can show real benefit because, by the agency’s definition, only drugs can cure, mitigate, or treat disease.”

So, according to the FDA, the next time you get a bee sting… Do NOT reach for an onion or other home remedy to sooth the sting because it isn’t a synthetic DRUG, therefore can’t possibly be of any benefit.

Or the next time you get a cold be sure NOT to increase your intake of Vitamin C, as (according to the FDA, anyway), it can NOT possibly help as it is NOT a synthetic DRUG.

Or the next time you get an ear ache don’t bother putting a piece of a clove of garlic in your ear, as it can NOT help, either.

Someone needs to tell Grandma, all her remedies that have worked for generations really didn’t make a difference :o)

And while you’re at it, don’t bother eating right. Simply rely on drugs to cure your diabetes or other ailments that crop up, your arteries clog or any of your organs stop working properly.

Seriously, the FDA truly does think, we as a people, are THAT naive and stupid. And let’s face it… We obviously ARE as we just keep giving them more and more power over our health.

Here’s a good example of why the FDA wants YOU to blindly follow “Doctors orders” (and put more money in THEIR pockets, despite what is truly best for YOU–who are also now involved in the “supplement” business–in case you didn’t know that either)…

My Husband’s recent blood tests showed he was anemic (low on iron). Now, for us, this was one of those “duh” moments, because of his health issues I won’t get into here. He’d be hard-pressed NOT to be anemic in some way.

So, of course the “Doctor” prescribed a PRESCRIPTION iron pill. Yes, apparently, (but not surprising), they actually have “prescription” iron pill supplements. That alone clearly SHOWS YOU the TRUE end goal of ALL those involved with the drug industry… Money. Anyway…

But, because he also sees a Doctor who actually BELIEVES Natural is BETTER for you than man-made drugs (of course there are times when you DO need the help of drugs)… My Husband FIRST consulted with him, then opted for the natural iron supplements as it seemed the better choice for HIM… go figure.

First, because it is NATURAL and next, the prescription form was known for causing stomach problems. And believe it or not, the Doctor actually stated… “The prescription form would be milder on his stomach than the NATURAL form”. I kid you not and perfect example of WHY you should NEVER blindly “follow Doctors orders”.

Moving on, the FDA further claims…

“Any mention of the therapeutic benefits of supplements, whether through personal testimonials, cited scientific literature (actual REAL and UNBIASED case studies), etc., is automatically considered “misbranding.

What…huh? Misbranding? So, the SUN is NOT a source of vitamin D, as it’s NOT a man-made DRUG? And stating such, is “misbranding” the sun?

Or oranges do NOT contain vitamin C, otherwise we are “misbranding” it? Seriously, you just have to laugh at the stupidity of it all.

All I can do is shake my head, as we as HUMAN BEINGS must really be completely IGNORANT and GULLIBLE,  to allow such incredibly ignorant statements to even get past go! Much less allow them to to be turned into POLICIES and LAW!

The KEY to putting an END to this type of tyranny (let’s call it what it is), is to PAY ATTENTION and TAKE ACTION! We MUST put an END to the FDA’s reign over OUR FREEDOMS!

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