Just thought I’d share some humor to start your week off on a good note…

Every night when I go out to change the small water dish and add ice to it for the outdoor cats, I find a ROCK in it from our little rock garden.

At first, it was always one of the small lava rocks. But, now, it seems any type will do.

If I take the rock out and put it back where it belongs (as I don’t know if lava rocks would be bad for their water), the next night another one appears!

This has gone for over a week, now. Don’t know why/how it started and he (our border collie and newest addition to the family) refuses to share that part with me lol

However, since he’s now “switched” to the sand stones… I left the last one in and haven’t had a new one “appear” for a couple days.

I honestly thought he’s switch it out (fits his personality), as he’ll dunk his nose in to get ice cubes out.

It’s just so nice he wants to help with cleaning. Now, if he’d just do the DISHES! :o)

Have a great week!

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