This has been my CHEAP, simple and easy soft skin care solution since my early 20’s.

I’m now 48 (at time of printing) and have NEVER had ANY rough skin patches on my elbows, knees or any of the other usual “problem areas” by using this simple solution.

Want to know my “secret formula” for ending rough, dry skin?

The next time you take a shower or bath, BEFORE you dry off, try spreading a TINY AMOUNT of the cheapest, store bought Baby Oil you can find, all over. NOT on your face, of course, as any kind of oil is never good for your face.

Then, dry off the same as you normally would and see if your skin isn’t… baby soft.

Note: DO NOT APPLY WHILE IN THE TUB/SHOWER or on ANY bare floor-surface! Make sure you are on a NON-slip bathroom rug (sitting on a towel on the commode may be best). This is where COMMON SENSE comes in, folks, as it is OIL. If you fall and crack your head, don’t blame me :o)

I do this every time I take a shower or bath and have never bought a lotion, potion, dry skin gadget, etc… EVER!

The trick, do it after every shower or bath.

Note: A TINY DAB really does go a VERY long way, so use sparingly.  One bottle lasts me a few months, if not longer. And because it has a small hole for the oil to come out, I can quickly shoot a THIN line down both arms, my belly and ONLY my upper legs. Then simply spread it around covering my arms, legs, stomach, etc., making sure I get any of the normal “problem areas”.

And to answer your next question… NO, it does not get all over my clothes as I DRY OFF after MY showers, don’t you? :o)

If I SEE grease anywhere, then, I missed a spot. Otherwise, all I feel is soft, smooth skin. I also use the Lavender scented oil, as it’s more relaxing.

My Husband, kids and even our Grand kids have all commented on how soft my skin always is.

Our daughters even wanted to know “my secret”. So, I told them. Of course, they thought I was crazy until they tried it.


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