I read a news blurb recently talking about worsening vision issues which reminded me of a recent interesting chat I had over this exact issue.

Because I wear both eye glasses and contacts…

And work on a computer all day long most days, one of which is a 10in screen netbook…

I noticed when my eyes begin changing (usually getting worse), I begin feeling the added strain on my eyes and start getting headaches, both behind my eyes and a full blown migraine IF I don’t stop and give my eyes a few hours rest.

I should also add, watching T.V. is NOT rest for the eyes. What I usually do is house cleaning, laundry… Anything else BUT, something that requires me to focus my eyes, such as reading.

I also noticed, I seem to strain my eyes MORE when wearing glasses. And have FEWER headaches or feeling of eye strain when I wear my contacts.

Why? I truly believe it is because contacts sit ON your eyes (more natural), the SAME as your eye lens. Glasses on the other hand sit AWAY from your eyes forcing them to look through a more confined area in order to see clearly.

BOTH are also the SAME prescription, not two different ones. And both are single vision. But, will NOW be changing to bifocals for my contacts and stay with SINGLE vision for my glasses.

Finding an eye doctor who will actually HELP me do this, may be another story.

Ok, back to my recent chat on this subject…

I was talking to a friend of ours (also an MD, not ophthalmologist), who was telling me about how he asked his eye doctor to give him a reduced prescription for his contacts. Meaning, NOT at the recommended strength, but, SLIGHTLY LOWER.

Of course, he was denied. Eye doctors are NO different from any other type doctor… THEY always know what’s best for YOU (don’t get me started on THAT subject :o)

So, what he did was tell the place that filled his prescription to give him the reduced prescription strength (not without a small bit of resistance, of course, but, DID finally give it to him).

His contacts are also bi-focals and he said he actually noticed his vision IMPROVING over only a short period of time, by doing this. And even found himself using his contacts LESS. And many days, not at all!

Was he simply eating his carrots? I think not.

I will also be getting my eyes checked soon and will be doing the same. I’ll keep you posted on my results.

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