Have you ever had your pet look at you as if YOU were a big, savory, juicy t-bone steak?

Well, I hadn’t either, until…

Both my Husband and I have had dogs all our lives, including, the entire time we’ve been married. And not once, have either of us experienced ANYTHING like THIS before…

Let me explain….

First, I don’t about you, but, I personally can’t resist a good quality piece of jerky.

However, as most jerky lovers can also tell you…

Finding good flavor, quality, mouth-watering jerky, that doesn’t break the bank, is not as easy to find as you might think.

Well, I recently ran across a company online, that offered superior quality, hand-made, all-natural, beef, turkey and buffalo jerky, as well as, various flavors/spices for each.

Plus, fruit sticks, buffalo steaks AND all hand-made in the USA. Plus, at a price anyone could easily and truly afford.

It truly had everything I wanted or could possibly ask for!

Of course, the true test, as you know, would come in the tasting (and where “Fido” comes in… read on).

So, I immediately ordered two bags and couldn’t wait to try it!

As soon as it arrived at my front door…

I immediately grabbed a bag, sat down and cracked that baby open. My mouth was watering, just thinking about it!

And that’s when things got a bit strange. Before I had even gotten my first bite…

I suddenly realized I was being very intensely watched and not in a good way :o)

Within only a few seconds of eagerly opening my wonderful bag of jerky (I kid you not), every dog came out of every single corner of the house and I was suddenly and completely surrounded!

I honestly began to feel like a giant, hot, juicy, dripping t-bone steak sitting there!

And I have to tell you, that is NOT a VERY appealing feeling to have! :o)

It got so bad, in fact, I actually began to wonder if they were going to knock me out of the chair if I didn’t share it with them immediately, if not sooner!

Of course, at this point, my Husband who was sitting a few feet away on the couch, began laughing almost historically at MY, now very odd predicament!

At which time, I of course, thanked him for his genuine concern and helpfulness in my now quite uncomfortable situation.

Now, the truly strange part was, WE didn’t think the jerky had THAT strong of a smell.

Unfortunately for ME, my now drooling posse that was now glaring at me on all sides, intensely licking their chops, with a look I’d never seen before… obviously thought differently.

In all our years of being around critters of all kinds AND eating all kinds of jerky MANY times in the past… Neither of us had EVER experienced THAT kind of a reaction to jerky before!

So, what did I do?

Well for starters, I didn’t make any sudden movements (they wouldn’t really attack me, I don’t THINK, anyway :o)

But, I DID make a VERY SERIOUS point to ADD the JERKY PET TREATS to my very next order!

Of course, as soon as THAT arrived… I almost lost a finger or two giving them one! :o)

Bottom line…

If you like truly SUPERIOR QUALITY, tender, mouth-watering beef, turkey, or buffalo jerky in a multitude of flavors/spices…

Visit the site and try some yourself… TODAY! You will LOVE it!

But, be forewarned: If YOU have pets… You may want to also get THEM some tasty jerky pet treats, as well. Just a thought :o)

Or risk having them look at YOU like a giant mouth watering, savory piece of meat.

Up to you, of course :o)

Now, I will also tell you, I was so impressed with, not only the incredible taste and quality of the product, as well as, superior customer service and the wide selection of products they offer…

That I also joined their fastest growing team. Yes, it was truly that impressive.

To FIRST learn more regarding the UNLIMITED potential, INSTANT cash profits and other benefits, I’ve also put together a page (HERE) that provides more info.

So, if you enjoy their jerky as much as we do, or know others who may also like good, quality, high protein jerky…

Or have pets you’d like to give a good source of protein (not to mention obviously great tasting and smell that drives them wild… :o)

You might want to also seriously consider joining as an independent distributor (see site for details or follow our team site link above). We are one of the fastest growing teams in the company and with good reason, with such an easy and incredible product(s) to offer.

Either way, do yourself a favor, CLICK NOW and TRY this jerky. Then, let me know what YOU think (yes, really). And remember, it’s made in the USA, NO preservatives, MSG or other harmful additives and QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST!


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