It always astounds me how many drugs, new products (made/funded by drug companies and special interest groups) and COSTLY solutions we are continually bombarded with on T.V. and in the store. Especially when there is almost always a simple, easier, LESS costly, LESS toxic and harmful solution.

For instance, do you suffer from constant irregularity? Do you spend LOTS of cha-ching on harmful laxatives, potions, pills, or my new personal favorite… Activia?

The latter brings such humor every time I see that commercial. Why? First, you are paying 10+ times MORE for a TINY little amount, than if you simply go to your local health food store and buy a GALLON jug of REAL yogurt that IS better for you… And does more for your body AND a fraction of the cost.

Tip: The best brand is “Blue Mountain”.I simply add my own fresh fruit, frozen veggies, ORGANIC 100% fruit juice, flax seed (also GREAT to keep things moving), among other things and make a great tasting smoothie. But, I digress.

And IF you want a very inexpensive and simple solution to help keep your bowels regular that works GREAT together with your NEW yogurt, simply get a bottle of MAGNESIUM LACTATE.

I use “Standard Process” brand, which is only sold through health care professionals. But, any GOOD brand should work just as well.

I should also mention, DO NOT buy your supplements through Walmart or other national big name stores. Because by the time it hits the shelf and into your home it has been stored and transported too much in the heat and cold and has most likely LOST most/all of its nutritional value. Sad, but, true.

Strength on mine is 210 mg and can take 3-6 per day (although I wouldn’t take more than 4 per day). I started with 1 – 3 times a day and found 3 per day worked best for me. And remember, MORE is NEVER better, so START SLOW. As with ANY supplement, you CAN over do it and cause adverse and harmful effects you do NOT want.

Or continue spending your hard earned dollars on countless containers of Activia, Yoplait/other yogurt (that has ZERO real nutritional value and worse, contains SUGAR)… Or buy ONE container of REAL yogurt and ONE bottle of Magnesium Lactate that will last a month (or more depending on YOUR use)… Your choice.

IMPORTANT! You MUST get Magnesium “LACTATE”, NOT chelated, with zinc or ANY other kind. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME and you will simply be wasting your money.

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