Approx. 4 months ago, I realized I had serious gum issues. And although not really surprising… Not ONE single dentist I’d seen over the years warned me.

I guess they just ASSUME patients have the same knowledge they do, automatically KNOW the right questions to ask or simply don’t care. If life has taught me anything it’s…

You MUST take control over your own health! THAT is the bottom line and exactly what I’ve been doing for YEARS now. Especially, not having insurance, you only have yourself to count on. And simply have to HOPE you’re able to ask the right questions and/or recognize when something is going horribly wrong…sad, but, all many of us have.

Before I document my journey and the solutions I’ve been testing, first a picture of what prompted me to question and look into if I had a more serious issue…

I grew up with what I now refer to as the “dentist from hell”. I now know he simply looked at myself and my brothers as his own personal bank account, NOT actually caring about all the permanent damage he was allowed to do to our teeth (my parents stopped going as soon as one of us reach driving age and NEVER questioned the dentist, even when we complained).

Over my youth he had filled almost EVERY SINGLE tooth in my mouth with mercury fillings (all they used back then). Well, all but, the front teeth, anyway. I honestly think he would have gotten to those, if he’d had the chance.

The entire office could hear my brother and the dentist screaming at each other over his teeth, every time we went there. While I really didn’t give my teeth much thought, as most kids don’t, my brother on the other hand, took care of his teeth religiously.

He brushed and flossed after every meal and actually became kind of family joke, saying he was worse than a girl spending so much in the bathroom every day.

He was determined to NOT have another cavity the next time we went to the dentist (we went every 6 months back then). Well, guess what… EVERY TIME the dentist would STILL “find” another cavity.

And the same was almost said about my other brother and myself. In fact, it got so bad, I would tell the dentist that if a nerve was not involved, I did NOT want any shot. Hence, my own terror on shots in my mouth (hyper sensitive) I must now constantly fight against to this day.

Over the years, and having my own children to raise, money was always tight, which many of you can relate to. So, I’d just wait until a tooth got bad enough and simply had it pulled. I’ve now lost many of my back and side teeth. And now, only have 2 teeth on one side that actually match up enough so I can simply chew my food.

My teeth on the bottom front have been slowly getting longer/higher over the past few years and simply thought they were coming out. Well, in a sense they have been, as well as, my gums receding across almost my entire gum line, both on top and bottom.

I should also mention here, that I have REPEATEDLY been told by EVERY dentist, that any “teeth issues” I might encounter could not be avoided, as I had genetics and other things working against me. I NOW know, that was NOT entirely true!

Genetics is ONLY a VERY SMALL part of the entire equation. Unfortunately, I heard it so much and for so long, that I actually just gave into the fact, I’d be losing all my teeth, so why bother putting in a lot of effort into them…sad, but, true.

NOT ONE SINGLE dentist I’ve seen over the past 10-15 years WARNED ME that my gums were BEGINNING to recede (when I COULD HAVE taken action SOONER, rather than YEARS and MUCH MORE DAMAGE later)!

In fact, all the last one kept saying (both times he PULLED one of my teeth) were WHICH TEETH I would be losing! Not, how to save them, what I could do to improve the situation (I even asked)….NOTHING helpful. He just seemed a bit TOO eager to start pulling as soon as possible. Needless to say, I won’t be going back to him again…go figure.

Now, shortly before this last tooth was pulled, I went to work researching. As I also had one of my very top front teeth (the one’s you want to stay good) going a bit wonky, for lack of a better term. It actually started DROPPING lower than my other teeth and near the end actually started to TURN sideways!

It got to the point where I wouldn’t know what it would be doing when I woke up the next morning. Yes, it was more than a bit unsettling, to say the least.

So, out of desperation, as it was painfully (no pun intended), that NO dentist was going to ACTUALLY help me, other than lighten our bank account…

That’s when I discovered what I now call… “my miracle concoction”.

In a blue cobalt, airtight screw top bottle (IMPORTANT!) I mix together…

1 TBL. Castor oil

1 TSP. Aloe Vera GEL (Lily of the Valley is a good Brand)

10 Drops (“Now” Brand) Peppermint Oil

10 Drops (“Now” Brand) Spearmint Oil

Then, 3-4 times EVERY DAY I roll a Q-tip in the solution (shake it well BEFORE each use) and rub it over my gums, then, simply spit out the excess (as saliva will also build as you’re doing this). Then, DO NOT drink or eat anything for at LEAST 30 minutes afterward, to give it time to settle and absorb into my gums.

I also brush my teeth MIN. morning and night and when when able to, also in the middle of the day. As well as, religiously floss after eating ANYTHING (if only I’d never STOPPED doing that!).

Now, within only ONE week of doing this, I noticed my gums (previously getting darker and darker), were looking pinker and pinker almost by the day! I couldn’t believe it! I had actually forgotten what my gums USED to look like!

And now 4 months later, they look much, MUCH healthier!

And the really amazing part, when a tooth does get infected, I have ZERO PAIN! This was a real first! In fact, I don’t even KNOW one is infected until I SEE the gum swollen up and a little puss pimple on the outside of my gum. I SHOULD be in excruciating pain WAY before then!

So, in answer to your next question, NO, this will NOT cure any gum problems, avoid infections or rid you of plaque or other issues that can/WILL happen. BUT, it will in the HEALING process and keep away (or seriously lessen) any pain when something bad does go wrong.

I also recently started PRE-brushing with a mixture of approx. 1TBL. Baking Soda and 1TSP. Sea Salt as it is supposed to help loosen plaque and other buildup (can’t yet say it helps, as I just started doing this).

I simply dip my toothbrush in it, clean a few teeth, spit it out and so on and so forth, until I get all of my gum line (even where there are no longer teeth, as they are still part of my gums and mouth).

This is NOT some cure all! It is ONLY ONE STEP in helping you maintain good gum health.


For instance, (1) I SELDOM eat ANY type of sweets and junk food. And yes, I DO get the occasional “sweet tooth” and eat a candy bar or sugary dessert. I’m no saint and YES it takes a GREAT DEAL OF WILL POWER at times not to give in to temptation that is now all around us :o)

(2) I do not drink ANY soda’s, carbonated drinks or ANY drinks/juices that contain sugar or high fructose corn syrup (except on certain occasions when the Grandkids come to visit and we make root beer floats or other special treat lol).

(3) I also take (only QUALITY brand) 1000mg vitamin C 2-4 times per week (also good for teeth and ONLY because I seldom eat food containing vitamin C).

Notice I do NOT say, DAILY, as I don’t believe in taking ANY vitamin daily when it may not be needed, as too much of ANY vitamin can/WILL do more damage than good. Another serious growing health problem in this country and story for another time.

And the results of doing these FEW SIMPLE things… Last week I had my front tooth removed (the one turning sideways and taking on a life of it’s own :o), well, the VERY NEXT DAY, my temporary (fake) tooth was already LOOSE (meaning little/NO swelling). And I had ZERO pain or discomfort of ANY kind! I did not need to pop ANY type of pain medication of ANY kind.

And let me tell you, knowing how sensitive my teeth and gums USED to be, and the amount of digging and scraping, WITH A METAL INSTRUMENT I might add, she did to remove any/all infection (I honestly thought she was digging for gold, the way she kept going :o)

I KNEW, and even told my Husband on the way home…”I’m going to be in SERIOUS pain shortly and for the next few days!” Boy, am I glad I was wrong!

And when I went back just a week later, my Dentist was even surprised that I hadn’t needed anything she gave me AND how quickly it was already healing up!

Of course, in ALL my 50 years of “Dentists”, I also NEVER ONCE had one actually take the time to CLEAN OUT any debris or infection or do ANYTHING to an extraction site, other than stuff gauze in it and send me on my way.

She even sent me home with homeopathic pain/swelling medication (I didn’t need/use) and told me that taking Silica would also help in rebuilding and strengthening my teeth (bones).

Which I’ve now added (BioSil) to my routine…go figure.

So, if/when YOU need a dentist, PLEASE do yourself a HUGE favor and find a holistic dentist in your area.

Here are some good places to start…

I hope this helps someone and wish you ONLY the best in life and good health always!

P.S. I do believe this has slowed down my receding gum problem, however, it is not reversed nor completely stopped it. Coming up… My NEXT step to avoiding a costly $500+ dental cleaning bill. Follow me on Twitter and stay tuned!

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