As I’ve stated before, I haven’t had health insurance for some years. Why? Because my Husband requires MANY things EVERY month to simply maintain his health. To me, this has been a small price to pay. But, NOW, thanks to Obama shoving health insurance down EVERY working Americans throat… This has changed.

I would LOVE to see a poll done on this. I, like so many, decided to see just what this wonderful Obambacare exchange would offer me. The results were a real eye opener (although, somehow not surprised).

As anyone knows who has actually visited the exchange, you must FIRST enter your household income before being given any insurance quotes. Now, read that again. WHO is really paying and HOW much are they paying?

After getting to my rate quotes I then did the math. ALL quotes were just UNDER the Obamacare 8% exclusion. Meaning, I couldn’t request that particular exemption from Obamacare. Coincidence, I don’t think so…

Because I also went to an OUTSIDE source to get a quote. Now, even though the HIGH out-of-pocket and other deductions were about the SAME (all insanely high, BTW), the monthly PREMIUM was about a QUARTER of what the Obamacare exchange quoted!

Which of course, did NOT require our annual income before providing a quote. Still don’t think the Obamacare exchange is a scam on many, many levels… I think this proves it!

I would be VERY interested to see an independent poll taken to see just HOW MANY are NOW paying just under 8% of their household income to Obamacare when they COULD BE paying MUCH LESS!

After all, if we’re going to be punished by this President and even MORE MONEY taken out of our pockets, we might as well MINIMIZE the harm as much as possible, right? Until they do away with his horrid Obamacare, anyway. Seeing all the harm he’s already done, and STILL doing to SO many, his arrogant ways and total disrespect of our nations Constitution, WHY he’s still in office, is beyond me and many others, too.

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