Since the nightmare of the Obamacare role out began, my Husband and I have holding our breath. Why? One, I am now forced to buy health insurance which will TAKE AWAY from our ability to pay for all the healthcare he requires, but, also…

Because of the obvious reeling insurance companies are now doing (trying not to BLEED money), as well as, the growing cancellations happening now, we have been simply sitting and HOPING the ball wouldn’t fall on us. Unfortunately, it may be time for the games to begin for us, as well.

Our hearts truly go out to all those who have now lost their insurance and all the other nightmares they are now enduring. I sincerely wish this awful law would go away and quickly. It’s BAD for people and our country.

We now, not only, have MANY MORE people living off the Govt. (via tax payer PAID subsidies AND forced to go on medicare), but, NOW playing with peoples lives. It is truly a sad day for America. But, I digress…

One medication my Husband relies on to get through each day is a type of pain medication. Well, we just received a notice from Blue Cross/Blue Shield that they will no longer be covering the cost of this medication. Nice, huh? He’s only been on it for over 6 years and NOW they decide “it’s not the proper medication” (aka: cheaper medication)! Really!?

Actually, they tried to state that he should be given “another type” or in other words “cheaper” type of pain medication. Yep, their worried about the all mighty dollar OVER peoples health NEEDS. No real surprise there, right?

Well, that “excuse” may be all well and good, HOWEVER, my Husband tolerates VERY FEW “pharmaceuticals”. He MUST rely MUCH more on natural remedies and healing methods. Not, by choice, but, by his bodies NEEDS and what HIS BODY WILL TOLERATE (a new concept to most doctors and ALL ins. companies). Although, because he does NOW know and understand much more about the benefits of natural healing, herbs, and such, he has a BIG appreciation for them and prefers them… go figure.

So, long story short… He’s had to WAIT for the insurance company to contact his Doctor, so, that he could explain THAT MY HUSBAND DOESN’T TOLERATE ANY OTHER DRUGS and THAT is the only TRUE option he has! Another, sad, but, true human story.

Our hearts truly do go out to everyone feeling the Obamacare backlash. Our prayers are with you all.

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