Greensmoke started a cartridge program sometime ago that would allow you to send in lots of 80 cartridges in return for points you could use toward products.

For instance we had sent in 320 old used cartridges and received 100 pts. towards new purchases. Pretty awesome right? Well…

They recently made a change to HOW you can use those points, among other (not so user friendly changes to the site, which I won’t cover here)…

To give you an example of this particular change…

In my account I had accumulated 190 pts (from orders and cartridge returns)
I then placed an order for 8 – 5pk cartridges
OLD program would have only used 160 pts. (20 pts. PER 5 pack)
NEW program (each pt value now worth .50) I NOW used 177 pts.
Leaving me with only 13 pts. in my account instead of the the 30 I would have normally had using the old system.

Is the cartridge return program still worth the effort for consumers… you decide.

Now, I will say, having tried a few E-Cig brands, Greensmoke IS STILL the BEST around hands down… IF you can afford them, that is, or NOT a moderate to heavy smoker.

Considering Greensmoke is the most expensive brand already on the market, it’s always sad when greed takes over a great product.

And yet, another great company and product using smoke and mirrors to make YOU feel like you’re getting a better deal when in fact you are clearly NOT. But, just my thoughts on the “new and improved change”.


Do I still recommend them to anyone trying to quit the tobacco habit, yes. Simply not as enthusiastically as I once did 🙁

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