We’re really seeing the effects from our 2 year drought, here in Texas. It’s been so bad at times, that almost DAILY I would either hear limbs breaking and falling or ENTIRE TREES cracking and falling to the ground somewhere on our 10 acres of wooded wonder land. It’s been truly sad to watch.

So, we decided it’s finally time to start clearing out some of the dead and dying trees… whoohoo (not really :o)

And since my Husband has his own to-do list around here, now that we’ve taken care of the downed limbs and half trees (yes I said trees that split in half and created a mess that needed immediate attention)…

I took on the chore of starting to clear and widen our 200 ft. dirt driveway. Because simply trimming back the burg seemed to only make it come back faster and worse. Or so it seemed anyway. And I’d finally had enough of the constant tree trimming and prickly pear cactus invasion (yes they are invading the drive too), so, it’s all coming down (or out, as the case may be)!

Now, why am I sharing this with you?

We LOVE living in the country surrounded by 10 acres of trees, but, sometimes it sure doesn’t love me. Such as this morning…

While trying to clear out some of the small trees I have to also, at times, deal with some of the other native Texas plants, such as…

Prickly pear cactus (we HATE this stuff!), that is very awkward, heavy and NO WAY to actually pick up without a shovel. And the worse part, unless you burn it, ONE little “pad” can quickly turn into a HUGE cactus patch. The flower blooms are GORGEOUS, but, the actual plants… HORRIBLE to deal with!

And believe it or not, I’ve even placed ads trying to GIVE IT AWAY FREE. But, apparently, folks would rather go the grocery store and BUY IT (to eat), then come pick some up for nothing. I know, sad, but, true. My Husband and I laugh every time we see it on store shelves.

Then you have all the wild “Christmas Holly” that you can’t get anywhere near without getting poked. And man does it jab you.

Then you have some crazy vines (don’t know the name) that grows worse than weeds. The ENTIRE vine is COVERED with small thorns and twists around anything and everything in it’s path. It’s a real joy when trying to pull out tree limbs or small trees. It’s like a sticky rope that digs in and won’t let go!

We also have, what we call, “killer cactus”. Don’t know the name of it, but, trust me when I say, you DO NOT want to get anywhere near it.

It grows into a huge bush and has 1 inch (plus) thorns that go straight into your skin, whether through your shoes, jeans, or anything else that gets near it. And it goes DEEP FAST and REALLY sticks into your hide! Not to mention, burns like hell after you pull it out. Fun stuff!

It’s worse then mesquite trees because it’s on the ground and blends in with the other plants. And no matter how much you THINK you’re watching for it… It seems to sneak up and grab you!

Moral of my story…

By the time I was just 2 hours into clearing things out this morning, if my Husband had seen me, he would have had a heart attack! lol

My hands and arms had blood all over them. I looked like I’d been in a war zone! Good thing my blood clots fast and I’m not your typical girly “city girl” lol

And on that side note…

We had our electric company come out last week to clear some dead and live trees from near a power line and when the forman saw me with chainsaw in hand cutting up a tree, he said… “you’re awesome! I can’t get my wife to do anything!” He made my day. Not a bad compliment for a 51 year old Grandma, is it?

Hope you enjoyed the story and stay true to who you are!

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