Well, between the high prices and having to pay more since Greensmoke kicked my affiliate status to the curb (no actual reason given), I’m now on the hunt for the next perfect electronic cigarette, as I’m NOT going back to tobacco!

After researching for quite some time, only to come up with one “unbiased” review after another that were LESS THAN unbiased (company gave them FREE starter kit and/or affiliate for all they “recommended), I decided to try…

Firelight Fusion – In a nut shell… do NOT waste your money. Quality, taste, closeness to a real cigarette experience… ALL sub-par and below. Now, I will say, shipping was FAST and prices are LOWER than most, but, quality…not there.

After LESS than ONE week one of the batteries simply stopped working properly and the other one seems to be going out, as well. And the cartimizers…not good quality (would even almost over heat at times).

Other cons: Not a good “hit” and found myself craving a regular cigarette more often than not.

All in all… two thumbs down (for me anyway).

TIP: If ANYONE is recommending them… check for an affiliate link, discount code. If they offer them, they are NOT being completely honest with you. They are more hoping for the cha-ching (payout) they will get when/IF YOU order products using their link(s) and/or discount codes. Just keepin’ it real :o)

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