After the Firelight Fusion e-cig trial failure, I decided to THEN try V-2 E-Cigs.

Ordering was simple, however the cheapest starter kit only came with ONE battery (ALWAYS recommend having at least 2). Personally, I like to keep 4 batteries handy as you never know when one will go out (they don’t always give warning).

I placed the order late Friday night on July 18th. Now, I honestly expected SOMETHING to happen to the order (at LEAST processed) sat. However, if not, it was ok as they’re located in Florida which is only a 3 day delivery to our door. Well, I was wrong on ALL counts.

I should mention, I KNOW USPS delivers in 3 days from Florida, as I track all online orders and have had many pkgs. go through the usps office there.

Immediately after ordering, I of course, received my “order confirmation”, which stated I’d receive an update when the item(s) shipped. So far, so good.

Sat. morning I received an email stating my “order status had been updated”, but, NO tracking information, as of yet.

I should note, they DO state on their site that orders placed after a certain time on Friday would NOT be shipped until Mon. Which was fine and meant the order SHOULD then arrive Thurs. at the latest from Florida to me (here in Texas).

Monday morning I logged into my account to see if a shipping number had been generated yet and low and behold… There it was! But, wait, it ONLY shows a tracking number with NO hint UPS had actually RECEIVED the pkg. yet. In other words, UPS website only stated “no data available yet”. Meaning, they hadn’t actually received the pkg. yet.

Then, as of late Mon night, UPS STILL showed NO shipping info. Now, at this point, I’m starting to get a bit annoyed, especially for a company that has supposedly “grown” to no 1. But, I’m usually pretty easy going and will simply wait until Tue. morning and see what happens.

Tues. morning (note, I truly thought my order would be arriving Wed/Thurs. at the latest when I first placed my order)… I again looked up tracking and the UPS site NOW stated “expected delivery date Fri. 28. Say what?! TEN day shipping on something that should take no more than 3-5, including weekend/holidays!

Ok, now I’m becoming a little annoyed and quite unimpressed by V-2 Electronic cigarettes.

So, I decided to contact “support” and ask them about their shipping policy. That was July 23rd and as of the 25th I received no reply. This is not looking promising, so far and only lends to suspicion that all those “unbiased” reviews were NOT so unbiased… hmmm what do YOU think?

Ok, order FINALLY arrived 10 days later. BTW I STILL haven’t gotten a reply to my email… So far one thumb DOWN.

Now, I WILL say I like the Vanilla flavor of the V-2 e-cig. MUCH better than Greensmokes. However, the “hit” still leaves much to be desired.

Battery life – GOOD and RE-charge is about average (1-2 hrs. for SHORT and 3-4 hrs. for LONG)

Vapor (smoke) – About HALF of what you get with Greensmoke

Overall ONE thumb up and ONE thumb down

So, my solution until I try yet another e-cig…

And since V-2 and Greensmoke caritmizers/batteries are NOT interchangeable…

I buy the V-2 refill liquid and re-use my Greensmoke cartridges. That way I get better flavor and better “smoking experience” at a MUCH lower cost.

Although I will say, STILL not the same as using PRE-FILLED Greensmoke cartimizers. Unfortunately, they don’t offer the liquid refill options, so, here I am.

Stay tuned as I’ll continue sharing my REAL world (aka: true unbiased) e-cig experience with everyone!


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