First a little history about our little pooch so you can fully understand what we are dealing with…

We rescued a happy, (amazingly) healthy, little long haired chihuahua from the streets approx. 8 yrs. ago. He was already fully grown and no idea how old he actually was.

Well, approx. 2-3 months ago he began showing problems with one of his back legs. He seemed to favor it more and more until recently when he simply stopped using it.

Now, since we live in the country, we also, seem to always have a never ending flow of wild cats (yeah! not really 🙁

Anywho, as occasionally happens when we go out to “do our business”, he sometimes tears down our porch ramp after, what he thinks, is some animal trying to invade our “home”. Well, this last time he did something that really tore him up on the way down.

No idea what exactly, as it happened so quickly. But, to be honest I watched him all the way down and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, like get a foot caught, stumble or anything strange. However…

When he got just a couple feet past the bottom he simply stopped and sat there (not abnormal for him to do after he realizes the animal isn’t some threat). So, I didn’t think much about it and continued taking our other dog out for his walk, but, then noticed he still hadn’t moved from that spot.

And that’s when I knew something was very, very wrong. Long story short, he could barely move (or refused to, not sure which). We had planned on taking him to the vet the very next day, but, then decided they wouldn’t be able to tell us anymore than we could simply figure out ourselves.

Meaning there were no obvious bone breaks I could feel and without an x-ray (my gut told me would also show nothing), we decided to wait a day and see how he did. Because the ONLY thing we could figure out must have happened, was that he sharply twisted something on the way down the ramp (the little bugger can really move on those tiny legs lol).

And we all know how badly doing something like that can hurt for quite awhile (us older farts, anyway lol)

And before anyone starts shouting “neglect”, this wasn’t our first rodeo with an animal injury. So, we were not simply ignoring the situation. We knew a trip to the vet would simply yield little/no answers, as we couldn’t find any evidence of injury.

Well, I was right. The next day he was moving a bit better, but, still not using one of his back legs (he previously stopped using). I also had to carry him in and out for his potty breaks to insure he didn’t try anything stupid, like chasing a cat again.

I then went to work researching, as we already knew he was obviously suffering from arthritis for some time now and knew I had to try something before he lost the use of BOTH back legs. Not to mention, we knew he was getting pretty old already by his ever growing gray hairs. Although can’t tell in spirit :o)

So, after spending countless hours seeing the natural choices that were available and reading countless reviews (you can really find out things to watch out for, made me uneasy, questions to ask, etc.), I decided on trying…

#1 Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs with Chondroitin MSM & Hyaluronic Acid – Safe & Natural Arthritis Pain Relief for Dogs!

TEST RESULTS: I placed the order Sat. Sept. 6th and it arrived Sept. 11th (not too bad!). The company even sent me an email asking if it had arrived and to contact them if I had any questions. How cool is that? That was a real first.

They also included quick start “loading doses”. However, I’m never comfortable over doing ANY “recommended” dose, including our own people supplements. So, we decided it was best to simply start with the regular “daily dose” for his size, which was 1 tsp.

So, come Fri. morning (Sept. 12th) we gave him 1/2 tsp. in the morning and 1/2 tsp. in the evening on his food. Now, I should also mention, this dog will eat anything if you let him (even plastic).

However, if you add ANYTHING to his food it’s a completely different story (nope, we don’t get it either).

So, needless to say, he didn’t jump right in and gobble it down. But, after a couple days of adding it to his food, I think he finally figured out he better eat it that way or go without food. NO, not really (relax), a couple days I DID put down food without it just to make sure he got something in his belly.

Of course, then the little bugger thought he could get away with eating ALL the food he now had in front of him! Yep, he’s always trying to outsmart us when it comes to food. Good thing his food bowl sits next to me :o)

Now, as I said, we started giving it to him on the 12th, along with a ONLY few drops (5-8) of organic virgin coconut oil. And TODAY (20th) I noticed he was using ALL 4 LEGS!

AND he seems to be more rambunctious, to boot!

Now he only uses the bad leg in SLOW MODE (not running, walking normal speed), but, STILL this was HUGE to us! And I’m sure he was pretty happy about it too!

Now, if I’m going to be completely honest here, I DO believe this product has made a BIG difference. And I think because I’ve also started giving him coconut oil, as well, things should continue improving and only get better.

How much coconut oil? Since we just introduced it to both our dogs and cat, I ONLY add a few drops (5-8 drops) in their morning food (NOT both feedings). I believe in slow and steady being always safer to give their body time to adjust.

After a week, I will add a few drops into their evening food, as well. Then every week from there I will work them both up to 1tsp. DAILY.

Now, you can also buy coconut oil on Amazon, but, I don’t know them, therefore don’t trust the brand(s) they sell. Personally, we buy “Central Market Organics” brand. And simply add it to our normal weekly shopping cart there when we run out. Of course, one small jar lasts us quite a while, as we don’t use it in cooking/baking :o)

Now, if you do this as well, it is VERY IMPORTANT to ONLY buy UNREFINED – EXPELLER PRESSED – VIRGIN Coconut Oil. Also, INSURE it has the “USDA ORGANIC” certified seal.

We also don’t refrigerate it so it stays in liquid form. Much easier to dribble on and less chance they spit it out or ignore it. And easier to quickly add it to our own concoctions (smoothies, food, etc.). And I truly believe “nuking it” might degrade it somehow, even though some don’t seem to question it. But, just MHO and never been one to go with the norm.

Well, I hope our experience and test trial of #1 Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs with Chondroitin MSM & Hyaluronic Acid – Safe & Natural Arthritis Pain Relief for Dogs… Has helped you too, in some way.

Stay tuned as we’re always testing home products, as well as, organic products and keeping our eyes open for great products and deals!


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