Yet another fall out thanks to Obamacare. My Husband has always had a hard time trying to find ONE Diabetic Specialist who hasn’t tried to kill him (prescribing FAR too much insulin then getting upset because he won’t overdose and and willingly die!).

Well, thanks to all the new rules, regulations and out right BS that NOW goes along with “Health Care” (I use that term loosely), we just received notice that the ONE Specialist he actually likes and truly gets his insulin medical NEEDS…

Can NO LONGER see him (unless we PAY hundreds CASH PER VISIT, which we can’t afford), simply because their office can’t come up with some sort of agreement (they didn’t tell us exact details of the issue(s) with his Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance. AWESOME!

If we don’t GET RID OF OBAMABACARE SOON and STOP LYING about it working (obviously it’s NOT)…

Millions MORE will SOON be facing the same/similar situations and NOT get the DAILY LIFE SAVING HEALTH CARE THEY NEED!

We’ve had bad Presidents before (obviously), but, I don’t think we’ve ever disliked any President more than Obama. He has done more harm and hurt so many families MORE THAN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT IN HISTORY. Plain and simple.

“You can keep your current doctor and health insurance”… Yep, THAT’S holding true isn’t it? Thanks Obama! Oh that’s right, YOU don’t have to worry about those things do you?!

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