Firstly, as of Oct 3rd they no longer offer a free shipping option, but rather a “$5 Flat Rate” option, as well as, Priority, among others.

I STRONGLY suggest choosing the “Priority” option, if like me, you live in a hot zone (like Texas) and NEED tracking to avoid your order sitting in a HOT mailbox all day…up to you, of course.

UPDATE ON USE: I have ordered their V2 Platinum E-Liquid (50 ML) now three times and still using it to refill my Greensmoke (empty/used) cartimizers.

Nope, still haven’t found a better (cheap) solution, sadly.

And even though they promise “reward points” (toward FREE purchases) with every order, you DO NEED TO FIRST SIGNUP FOR THAT PARTICULAR PROGRAM. Wish I’d READ that earlier, as I didn’t earn any with my last two orders. Of course, you have to do a hunt and seek to find this out, sadly.

HINT: If you DO want to try their products, FIRST LOGIN, then click on the “site map” and LOOK for the “Vape 4 Free Program” link. Once you click on it you’ll be enrolled!

Personally, the way the website shares your “available points”, I think you should be automatically enrolled and earn the promised points by simply creating an account and placing an order. But, I DO tend to think logically and well, I’m finding most of the world doesn’t do that (how many times has something NOT made sense to YOU?).

And just to clarify, by joining that program is NOT the same as joining their referral program. That’s a seperate deal. And since I’m a bit disappointed in their battery “puffing” power ability, I have no will to fully endorse them, as of yet. Who knows, that may change sometime in the future.

However, because I DID join the Vape4Free points program, they did offer a Discount code that I can share with you!

So, if you DO decide to try V2-Ecigs AND get 15% OFF your first order ($50 or more) simply enter the following “discount code” when you place your order: REF-617344

Happy vaping (I REALLY hate that term, sorry). Good luck and hope my review(s) helps!

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