I decided to document my journey as a newly widowed wife, parent, and more importantly, as a woman (I truly believe the journey is much different for a man).

Did I ever think I’d be a widow at 53? No

Was it sudden or unexpected? Sadly no.

My Husband, who I now miss more than you can imagine, has been taken from me at the mere age of only 57.

I was hoping we’d have a few more years together, but, sadly the good Lord had other plans.

The only good part of all this is, I’ve been prepared for it for quite some time. If it would have come unexpectedly or sudden… I would be a basket case right now and I’m sure for quite some time.

However, my Husband’s had poor/failing health for probably the past two decades or so. So, we both knew who would most likely go first.

The ironic part… We just got done finalizing his last will and testament one month before he passed.

So, following this post, I will be sharing my trials, tribulations, feelings and yes, even joy during my new journey and new life as a widow.

My hope is that, anyone else who may feeling guilty, lonely, sad, or any other type feelings about anything in their life, will know they are not alone and it’s OK to feel that way. No matter what that is or where their path is now leading them.

Bottom line… You have to move on and NEVER stop living!

It’s OK to be sad, have feelings of guilt (eg: they should be enjoying this too), be HAPPY, feel joy… ALL those feelings that go along with everyday LIFE.

I truly hope this helps someone out there cope a little better and easier with life’s unexpected twists and turns like losing someone you love.

God Bless to ALL

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