First, I’d like to share some pics of what I was up against. This is what I call STAGE 1…


This was our now growing trash pile… Trash from around the property, 2 storage sheds and a travel trailer, as well as, household trash. Now, on the bright side, when I had to take out the household trash I only needed to walk a short ways and toss it on top of the rest. And I didn’t have to pay for trash pickup! Win-win, well sort of :o)


This was the small travel trailer we lived in for 6 months when we first burrowed into our ten acres before utilities were put in. That was truly fun! Waking up to mother nature everyday… truly good times.

The trailer was then transformed into a resale shop with added wood porch, back room and later turned into added storage (and now simply an eye sore).


This is the area between the trailer, along with our wood shed. You’ll note, this is AFTER I have already cleaned out and sorted ALL 3 storage units. Note the pile ready for junkers to pick up and other items I had no where to go with until I get our new shed built.

There was also an old dodge van, misc lawn equipment (non-working and in pcs) that I’d already gotten rid of shortly before pic was taken.

Yes, I have no problem saying… I was the true meaning of white trailer trash.

And of course, my Husbands old 64 Ford I still need to get rid of and already SOLD 4 times, but, yet to see any money or hauled away.


And here is our Ford Explorer (also needs to go) and our front porch that I had to turn into a temp tool shed. Yea, I was excited about that too 🙁


And here’s what the area around our wood shed looked like after I cleaned IT out, along with a boat that’s been there I have NO idea how many years, etc., etc…


And here’s the other side of the wood shed where he had steel shelves LOADED with motorcycle and automobile parts, old radiators and well, MORE junk.

Note the bins and other items strewn around are what I’d already sorted and just hadn’t moved to their designated areas. Which I was quickly running out of “areas” to put things in.

Now, I TRIED to give all the wood away first, thinking I could lower trash removal costs and get rid of the wood porch that’s on the travel trailer, as well as, the wood shed all in one easy motion.

Well, that didn’t quite go as well as I’d hoped. They came and took down the wood porch and put all that wood in a pile (all but floor of the room we had added onto the trailer). Then started to take down the wood shed, but… never returned to finish the job. No calls, text, nothing.

This was when my tolerance for “no shows” started to get thin and my frustration level started to rise.

You’ll also notice the ADDTL motorcycle and yet another trailer I also had to get rid of a.s.a.p. The problem with the motorcycle however, was that it didn’t have a title (long story). Which made it next to impossible to sell.


And here’s the NOW partially torn down shed I now get to look at, along with everything else.

Nope, things are NOT going smoothly or as planned. But, I’m not giving up yet!

Now, I really wished I’d have gotten pics of the INSIDE of the sheds and travel trailer before now. But, didn’t think to start documenting things until after the fact.

But, I can say, the travel trailer was LOADED with BIG, heavy tools, left over stuff from my “resale” days, his brothers estate (who just passed couple years earlier), among other misc. items that made their way in there.

The wood shed was loaded from roof to floor (couldn’t walk in if you tried) with motorcycle parts, auto parts, tools, buckets/boxes FULL of misc nuts, bolts, parts, you name it… I probably had it. And our addtl. small metal shed (not shown in pics sitting farther back behind house) was also full of lg tools, glass and more.

Yes, I had my work cut out for me.

I will admit I did have days when I would simply walk outside and just stand there crying. It just seemed so over whelming at times. I mean seriously, WHERE do one even start?!

But, then I’d think, STOP IT! You CAN do this. Just do one step at a time and it will all work out. Then, I’d start back in doing whatever needed to be done next.

Next, fast forward to STAGE 2 clearing and the light at the end of the tunnel.

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