Well, I had about a month and half to two months when I simply couldn’t get anything to happen. I was getting SO frustrated.

I would call say 7 different places to get bids for work I needed done. I’d be lucky if even ONE would call back. And if one DID actually show up to give me an estimate, I’d almost fall over.

Yes, it was truly sad, but, also extremely frustrating, to say the least. Not to mention, making it extremely difficulty to “bargain shop”.

You see, I had planned to be back working no later than Aug. Well, THAT  (obviously) didn’t happen. As I simply had far too much to still get accomplished. And I knew if/when I DID finally get someone to do a job, I would need to be here to get it done while the gettin’ was good. You know what I mean?

Well, all of a sudden things started rocking! And before I knew it, within only 2-3 weeks, I had the house re-leveled, new roof put on, plumber scheduled, junk hauled off (not all, but, LG portion), travel trailer and boat GONE, AND LG plot of land cleared in front of the house, plus, road base put in, including entire driveway!

Yes, prayers DO happen :o)

I also want to share something kind of weird that happened recently…

It’s now almost 5 months to the day since my Husbands passing and I’m standing in the checkout line at H.E.B and suddenly…

This weird feeling consumes my entire body. I’M FREE!

I don’t mean from my Husband, SHAME ON YOU. I mean, I’m free from all the medical bills, ever growing doctor visits, worrying about how to pay for all the medical bills, worrying about the future, being able to go anywhere without worrying if it would be too hard on him and the list goes on and on.

I suddenly felt like my life was wide open. NO limitations, no boundaries, no rules. My life was now actually MY LIFE. The possibilities were wide open. It was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever felt!

And you know what really stinks about the whole thing? My Husband had to DIE in order to give me that! How WRONG is that?! Feeling guilty… YOU BET!

And now all I need to do is… FIGURE OUT WHO I AM and what I’m going to do with the rest of my life. No pressure there :o)

You see EVERYTHING in my life, up until now, has revolved around my Husband. What we ate, where we went (or didn’t go), from the moment I got up until the time I went to bed every aspect of our life revolved around him. Whether it was doctor appts., health limitations (or more watching him for health problems), grocery shopping… you name it.

So, this ought to be quite the journey in finding ME and who I am.

Coming up… SEE the transformation happen!


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