Now as I said earlier, the death of my Husband did not come as a big surprise due to his already poor health.

But, first, a quick history…

The end began when he collapsed in our bathroom one morning. Come to find out he had pneumonia that he was either ignoring or treating it like a cold (kinda the norm for him to brush things off at times).

His immune system was already long gone (due to a host of reasons), but, with the help of NATURAL immune boosting supplements and prevention, we were pretty good at warding off most bugs and anything serious… until now.

Now I knew there was something very, very wrong (not simply low sugar or anything simple we could easily remedy). So, I called the ambulance and away we went to the hospital.

He went in Feb. 7th, a day I doubt I’ll ever forget, and that part of the journey began.

Within just a few hours, he went on a ventilator, ALL his organs started shutting down (they would get one stable and another would go wonky), and he went into a self induced comma.

We went 4 days like this. In short, drugs and the ventilator were keeping him alive and his organs were functioning somewhere close to well… functioning.

On the 4th day all the news from a host of doctors and specialists painted the same grim picture…

IF (operative word), IF he ever did regain consciousness he would no longer be the same man we knew and would require months of rehab AND within 6 months to a year he would most likely have another “major episode”.

What did all that mean… who the hell knows, as my head was swimming so badly wondering what the hell to do and let’s face it, I didn’t care about DETAILS!

I wanted my Husband back!

But, on the 4th day when they said his brain activity was 3.5 out of 5… I knew I had a hard decision to make coming soon.

So, I called a family conference with our 3 kids and we talked (all live near by).

On the 5th day, after more soul searching than I was prepared for the entire previous day, and even coming to (sort of) accept what I knew he wanted and I must now do, I went up to the hospital prepared to follow out his wishes and pull the ventilator.

As I get ready to walk into his room in ICU a hoard of (somebodies) stop me at the door and inform me… he’s WAKING UP!

Yes, you read right. Now understand, this man has defied all odds before more times than I can count. By all rights he probably shouldn’t have made it past 50. But, here we were at age 57.

So, in a nut shell… I spent the rest of the day in utter shock.

I didn’t feel happy, sad… nothing. I was numb.

I could feel everyone staring at me the rest of that day wondering why I didn’t look happier. Seriously? I had so many emotions running through me, I didn’t know if I was coming or going. Needless to say, I’m not one who cares what ANYONE thinks, so, it didn’t bother me.

Now, at first, he didn’t know anyone or anything, not even me and our children. But, as the days progressed, within just 3-4 days everything was coming back stronger than ever.

After a month in the hospital (still unable to even turn himself) we transferred to a nursing facility to begin rehab.

He was eating well, beginning to slooooowly regain strength and even started walking short distances with the help of a very nice walker our son bought him.

We were even beginning to plan his coming home.

Then, on April 24, after a couple more bouts of pnuemonia and other various infections along the way, his blood sugar started dropping to dangerous levels and no one could figure out why. So, off to the hospital we went again.

3 days later he was gone. He had died April 27th at 7am. Another day I’ll probably never forget.

And so began my life as a widow.

Next up… WEEK 1 – stay tuned

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