Our oldest Granddaughter had recently come out to stay the weekend with me. And I was telling her about all the upgrades I was making…

Added deadbolts
Security Door Jam Bar
Motion Sensor Monitors
Security Lights
Security Cameras
Among other things I’ll soon be adding

She started laughing and said… “Good grief Grandma, what do you expect to happen? It sounds like you’re building fort knox!”

Well, in a way, I guess I am.

But, the funny part is…

I’m not doing any of it to stay safer. I’m doing it to PROTECT my assets. And NO, we don’t have 100’s of thousands of dollars worth of… well anything.

But, the tools we DO have, I’d kinda like to hang onto… go figure.

Of course, the rest of my family and friends are driving me crazy with…

“You need to do this…’, “You really should do that…”

And my all time favorite… “You be careful now. I really worry about you.”

Good grief people! When my Husband WAS still alive, I spent the majority of my days ALONE. So, why is this any different?!

Not to mention, I can take pretty good care of myself. Plus, we DO have watch dogs and I keep a LOADED GUN that stays close by my side at all times.

Although, the gun is more for rattle snakes outdoors, but, don’t tell anyone that part 😉

So, to all the worry warts out there… I’m doing just fine, really.

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