Yes, you read right… Apparently I have an admirer. It hasn’t even been six months and one of the guys who “road along” with another person to pickup something up I was selling… came back and hung around for the next THREE days.

Now, I WAS having a yard sale and he did help me with a couple small things (helped moved things, etc.). And I did enjoy the company, but, I WAS NOT looking for a new boyfriend, much less anything else.

I honestly don’t know WHAT I did that made him so smitten with me… I really don’t. I didn’t DO or talk to him any differently than I talked to anyone else. It was quite funny and odd to say the least.

And trust me, I’m nothing to look at. For one, I RARELY plug in my one missing front tooth. I NEVER wear makeup and due to the high temps here in Texas, I usually just stick my hair up in a pony tail. And I dress in blue jeans and tees or tank tops.

Not, to mention, I have little/NO bosom (boobs)… So, what the hell happened? I’m still at a loss lol

In fact, I even told him… “I honestly, don’t know WHAT to do with you”.


But, he sure was determined, I’ll give him that 🙂

I mean really, it hasn’t even been 6 months since my Husband died. It’s disrespectful to my Husband AND our children.

The funny part… It was extremely funny to me (and kind of flattering, if I’m to be honest), but, apparently, I was alone in that thinking.

All everyone else kept telling me… “You be careful”… “You better watch out”… “Lock your doors”… etc., etc. Like he was some raving lunatic for Pete’s sake!

I just looked at them and said, good grief, I’m fine. I can take care of myself, really.

I mean he is a very sweet guy, but… NOT for me due to a WHOLE HOST of reasons. And for SURE not at this time.

I’m actually enjoying my independence, my privacy, my freedom from never ending doctor visits, medical bills, worrying how to PAY for it all, etc., etc.

And as selfish as it may sound… I’m enjoying my NEW LIFE! And I have NO interest in complicating it with another man!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I DO have days when I MISS MY MAN, more than I can almost bare. But, I also know, nothing I do will bring him back.

And I’m determined to finish out the days I have left on God’s green earth, as happy and full filling as I possibly can.

Because you only get ONE SHOT as this life and I’ve already used half of that time up (soon turning 54). So, I don’t have time to sit around and feel sorry for myself.

So, what happened with my new beau? Well, I haven’t seen him in a couple weeks since the yard sale ended, as there hasn’t been a reason for him to visit. And he’s pretty shy, so, just popping over without good reason is really not in his wheel house, if you know what I mean.

So… guess we wait and see! Stay tuned 😉


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