Most days are comical around here, to say the least.

For instance, the size of the new shed has now changed 3 times. And I STILL haven’t even settled on one yet. Hopefully, by the end of this week I will have PURCHASED something… I hope anyway :/

It’s funny, the more people that simply “come along for the ride” with other contractors for work being done… The MORE ideas and suggestions I end up with.

And just when I THINK we’ve settled on something (yes, I say we, as apparently everyone wants THEIR idea included lol)…

I TRY to go in that direction (IF I like it, of course) and I run into yet another road block. For instance, I found a great price on a 20′ x 40′ metal shed. But they DON’T OFFER sky lights (a MUST)!

Say what? You can frame in and add windows and doors, but, you can’t add a skylight, really?!


The original placement I had in mind for the original 24′ x 30′ shed I had originally picked out… wouldn’t fit once we cleared out that area and got an accurate measurement.

Ok, so, after MUCH debate between myself and other contractors (one was my plumber who simply enjoyed the entertainment of my misery and the actual contractor, also his friend, who was actually doing the clearing)…

We settled on a NEW plan. Then, once we started clearing THAT area, the actual shed SIZE and placement changed yet again.

My plumber called the metal building place and somehow managed to end up with a 20′ x 40′ with ALL the original bells and whistles for LESS than I would have paid for the original 24′ x 30′ shed plan.

AND we could set it up as a DRIVE THROUGH! How cool is that?!

Well, yet AGAIN, once we started clearing the NEW shed area, we kind of kept going and realized we had enough room to tuck the whole thing back into the woods just a bit. So… there went the drive through.

Otherwise, we would be clearing more and more and it might never end.

But I will say… the ENTIRE layout of everything NOW, has worked out MUCH better than the original plan I had when I started this whole mess.

I will NOW have a HUGE drive around area with trees running down the center. ADDTL. parking area right up by the house and MORE space to park.

So, all in all, slowly but surely, I (and my growing TEAM of helpers) are getting there. And I could NEVER have done it without them. THANKS GUYS!

Next up, preparing for the NEW shed! Stay tuned…


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