Well, if you’ve been keeping up with all this, you’ve already seen the “before” pictures. And NOW, you’re going to see the after…

I call this STAGE 2


You’ll notice the trash pile along the (left) side of the driveway is GONE. Whoohoo! And LOOK… There’s even a trailer that was hidden underneath!

ALL the other crap is also GONE next to the travel trailer and wood shed (below).



And there goes that huge eye sore! We’re bakin’ and shakin’ now, baby!


Check that out! Looks a LOT different, doesn’t it? Lands cleared, ready for road base and LOADS of extra parking. Not to mention, LESS lawn maintenance :o)


Yes, STILL have the old Ford and son hasn’t picked up Dads Harley yet, but… I’ll take it!


Now, this is the end of our leach field where we had collected wood (for projects never started), as well as, burn piles. And yes, now my NEW trash pile I will have to have hauled out. But, hey, I’m still not paying for monthly trash pickup yet 🙂


And yes, still a bit of cleaning up, mowing and removal in our leach field. But, small, minor problem compared to everything else I’ve been dealing with, wouldn’t you agree?


And here’s the back of the wood shed… quite the improvement, wouldn’t you agree?


And yes, I still also have our small metal shed I can’t even begin to deal with as it’s now full of the things waiting to be put into the new shed. Good thing it’s in the back yard where I seldom wonder and don’t have to look at it.

Now, I will say, I HAVE had the best time meeting SO many nice and incredibly helpful people throughout all this.

Many times, I’d call say my plumber, who would then bring someone else with him that could help out in some OTHER area(s) I needed done.

Hell, I even went to Home Depot one day… And CAME HOME WITH AN ELECTRICIAN! Now, how often does THAT happen!

He was simply a very nice retired electrician I met in the electrical isle (go figure) who overheard my dilemma (installing our new water softener) and simply offered to come over and help.

Now, I KNOW what you’re thinking… is she CRAZY?!

Short answer, maybe. But, I’m having the BEST TIME EVER! And YES, trust me, I AM very careful in who I invite over.

Not to mention, I keep a loaded gun handy just in case 😉

And now, it’s finally starting to feel like a real home.

Next up… stage 3 – Getting ready for the new shed. Stay tuned!

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