Well, here’s what I call STAGE 3


I KNOW! Looking pretty good, right?! This is our NEW and improved parking area. The first night it was finished, I sat out under one of the trees, turned on some jams, drank a beer and just soaked it all in.



And here’s a better pic setting up for my FINAL yard sale. Which means RECLAIMED space in our house too! I’m SO excited! FINALLY being able to walk into (almost) ANY room in the house without worrying about stubbing my toes or having to move piles of boxes just to get to something I needed.


And sadly, our NEW trash pile beginning to grow already. But, still a very minor issue, all things considered.


And this is our new and improved SMOOTH driveway…

Or so I thought…


Within the first week of completion, I began finding pcs of random metal like the one shown above. This metal just kept popping up the entire length of the driveway and in all areas where the road base was put down.

Now, I know for a fact, this did not come from our house (or trash), as I personally sorted out all the storage areas… And my first clue as to why I got such a great “deal”.

And just to share a laugh (or two)…

The whole time they were clearing I had to babysit the ENTIRE job. “Dad” who was operating the bobcat almost pushed over a TREE, ran into (or over) numerous obstacles and the boys (owner included) even said they couldn’t leave him alone because of it. You’re kidding right? NO they really weren’t 🙂

I also had my plumber and another friend there at the time who decided to hang around a bit longer just to watch the entertainment.

They even later told others… “it was the first time they’d ever seen anyone supervise a job with a loaded gun in their hand.”

Yes, I WAS walking around with a loaded gun because one of the “boys” had seen a snake and, yet again, I was needed to protect a grown man from the perils of nature.

Well, I DID finally discover the snake he was so afraid of… It was a harmless 6″ gray or brown snake.

I can’t even count how many grown men I (a mere woman) has had to “save” now from HARMLESS spiders and/or snakes. It’s hilarious! 🙂

Now, it’s been a couple weeks since this was all cleared and new (so called) road base put down. Already grass is growing through in the drive and pouring out from the areas around the trees.






And as you can see, I also have a butt load of tree roots and mowed down stems sticking out EVERYWHERE.

Not to mention, the growing number of lg rocks (or more precisely, cement) now making my drive rough again. Which was the ENTIRE point of redoing the drive… jeesh.

Yes, at this time I’m starting to feel like I’d been had. Not to mention, a little ashamed I didn’t do more research into different types of materials that could be used for road base.

I now know, this is NOT true road base. It’s crushed foundation (cement), which explains all the metal in it.

And the real kicker… I had asked them how much a load of road base costs, as some who were considering it, had asked me about it. The “owner” stammered and said… “He really doesn’t know, he simply gets a bill for the total at the end of the month.” Seriously!

Yes, that should have been my first clue NOT to trust him. And NOT to pay him until I did my homework. NO business owner DOESN’T know EXACTLY what EACH of their costs are. Well, I now know… THEY GOT IT FREE! Yes, free :/

And for future reference for anyone considering road base… The cost is about $35 a TRUCK LOAD.

And to add insult to injury, they didn’t even put a full inch thick down. Much less 2-3 inches (or more) like they should have. Hence all the tree remnants STILL sticking out everywhere.

And yes, I DID contact them letting them know I was quite unhappy with the quality of the job… I was ignored (of course).

Why did I pay them? I was simply so blindly happy to be moving forward and one more obstacle accomplished, I didn’t even think to well… stop and think if it was even a job well done!

Not to mention, issues didn’t become painfully obvious until days later, AFTER the job was finished and they had already been paid.

Needless to say, I will NEVER recommend “Outlaw Paving” out of Smithville, TX to ANYONE!

Now, I did get the job done for about a THIRD of what others would have charged, but, I now have to ADD another layer (of REAL road base) on TOP of the poor job NOT done RIGHT. So, I’m really not coming out ahead on this one.

Moral of the story… Don’t get so caught up looking at the finish line, that you don’t QUESTION EVERYTHING along the way.

But, it’s all good! As I’m sure not gonna let this minor setback get me down!

Next up, preparing for the NEW shed (by TRUE professionals)! WHOOHOO! Stay tuned…


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