As anyone knows, I’m cheap when it comes to new fangled widgets and cleaners. Not to mention, I’m not eager to breath in or put harsh, potentially harmful chemicals on/in my body.

Now, I had recently installed a new whole house water softener and a reverse osmosis machine in hope of seriously down sizing the amount of bottle water I had to purchase every week.

Due to the incredible amount of hard metals, chlorine and other chemicals, including RUST that is in our water.

And somewhere I had recently been reminded of the power of simple white vinegar. One of those DUH moments, to be sure.

Now, I QUIT cleaning my tub sometime back due to the never ending orange stains from all the rust that’s in our water (and NO we do not have well water, but, city).

I decided to quit fighting a losing battle until I got my new water softener installed. As my Dad always said… “choose your battles wisely” and it was obvious I was losing this one lol

And now, AFTER my new equipment was installed, I immediately began spraying (light spray only) the shower and tub with a mixture of water and white vinegar AFTER every shower, then walked away (no rinsing).

I also bought a small HARD BRISTLE scrub brush that I hung in the shower. And now, every time I take a shower I spend a couple minutes scrubbing ONE mall section (say, after you add conditioner to your hair). Not, hard scrubbing, just a little here and there.

Now, I REALLY wish I had taken BEFORE pictures. Because NOW…

You would not believe how CLEAN my tub and shower is.

And the BEST PART…

Under the faucet, it had such a THICK build up of HARD calcium and soap scum that I had previously tried EVERYTHING I could think of to break it up and dissolve it, but, NOTHING would even put a scratch in it. I even tried industrial strength chemicals “guaranteed to clean even the hardest stains and build up” (what a joke).

And now, within just ONE WEEK of lightly spraying water and vinegar AFTER every shower, then walking away… The entire spot is GONE!

And my tub and shower have never been cleaner!

Now, I will warn you, the vinegar smell is strong at first and never does completely go away. But, I’ll take that over constant HARD scrubbing and harsh chemicals… ANY DAY!

GO ahead, give it a try! What have you got to lose, except stains and build up? Then, be sure to come on back and let me know YOUR results!

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