Well, it’s been a hell of a ride thus far and I have to say… A LOT of laughs too.

As we were scraping the top of the leach field and removing the trash pile back there, as well as, all the lumber that piled up over the years…

Just as we were finishing up, my plumber showed up and all of a sudden my septic tank alarm went off.

Oh what fresh hell was this?! I told my plumber… “yep, you show up and LOOK what happens!” I was laughing, but, we all did get a bit nervous. I mean after all, fixing an entire leach field was BIG bucks. And none of us could afford that kind of repair.

Of course, this was my doing (gave the ok), so, I wouldn’t have let my clearing guy take the hit on that screw up. It just wouldn’t be right.

Well, after they left the alarm didn’t go off again the rest of the night. So, the next morning we all came to the conclusion that we simply ticked it off by squishing the pipes running the bobcat over it… repeatedly. And simply laughed it off.

Well, a few days later… the alarm went off again. I knew right then, our now 15 yr old septic pump was finally going out. Sure, why not. I mean after all, things were going haywire around here as it is. So, what’s one more thing, right?

How did I know that was the problem and NOT the pipes in the leach field? Simple, this was NOT my rodeo when it comes to septic issues. I really DO wish I knew a lot less then I do now about the bloody things. But, sadly, I have some experience in this area.

So, I first checked the pipe between the house and the tanks and it was empty. Which means, it at least wasn’t backing up into the house… ALWAYS a good sign.

Next, I uncovered the septic tank lid and that was empty. Which told me there was a problem with the pump. Otherwise, the tank would be full if it couldn’t pump out to the lines.

So, now I get to call out yet ANOTHER contractor. Yea, I’m so excited (no, not really).

Well after a quick inspection, it appeared ANTS, of all things, took out the electrical wires to the alarm causing it to keep going off. Can you believe it?! Apparently, ants are attracted to electricity… WHO KNEW!

Well, now I do! But, I’ve been pretty blessed so far in getting contractors who not only go above and beyond, but, provide truly helpful advice and tips to boot.

And this time was no different. He not only fixed my problem, but, cut the COST WAY DOWN by doing what the original contractors who put our septic system in SHOULD have done in the first place!

So, now, instead of having wires running back and forth from the house, they’re by the tanks along with the alarm. He even dug a hole, poured cement and put the alarm up on a pole for simple, easy access. How cool is that?!

He also gave me a great tip! I was telling him about my weed frustrations with the leach field and he went to the truck and came back with some ZEP ROOT KILLER that he quickly poured into the septic tank.

Talk about a DUH moment. I had NO idea they even made anything like this stuff. So, if YOUR leach field gets over run with weeds and you’re tired of pulling out your hair like I was…

Go to Home Depot (or probably any home improvement store) and go to the DRANO (drain cleaners) section (NOT weed killer area) and get a canister of ZEP WEED KILL (will include pic when I can).

Then, simply pour the ENTIRE canister into your tank. And the best part, it WON’T hurt any NEW grass you plant. Why? Because it flows down with the water. And since grass roots are shallow, it will only kill the weeds that have those long, deep, hard to kill roots. You know, the weeds we ALL love to hate!

And finally… here is our ALMOST completely cleared out leach field (just a couple firewood piles and wood splitter to move yet). I’m here to tell you… mowing will be SO much easier without all the obstacles constantly in the way.



And I’ve even managed to clear out some of the crap (shelves FULL of auto and motorcycle parts) I had stored on the porch. I know, doesn’t look like it, but, trust me, I don’t bounce off things coming and going, now lol


Next up, concrete and putting up the NEW shed. WHOOHOO! Stay tuned…

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