Well, I will say, this has been a learning experience to say the least. His main life insurance policy WE paid for was paid almost immediately.

Unfortunately, the policy he had through work… a whole other story.

Shortly after my Husband passed, my Husbands employers WIFE (who managed the office) called to let me know he had also had a life insurance policy through them (his work).

Well hell, the more money the merrier right? 🙂


It’s now been SEVEN months, they only have THREE employees and STILL she can’t manage to find the time to do a simple check, contact the insurance company and take care of things.

Sadly, she’s always been much more concerned about her OWN wants, hair appts., shopping sprees, etc., etc. then actually DOING HER JOB!

And now, her Husband, our (we thought friend), and boss is ignoring my phone calls and texts. Nice, huh?

And since I can’t even seem to get the NAME of the company the policy is with, as we didn’t pay for it hence no paperwork (I even volunteered to do the legwork on it)…

I’ve now decided to take matters into my own hands…

For anyone else who thinks they may be entitled (beneficiary) of a life insurance policy, simply go to the website below, fill out ALL the required info. (real simple) and submit your request.

They will then search MULTIPLE insurance companies and HOPEFULLY find the policy so you can get the money owed to you. Simply visit…


For more help/tips visit:

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