Final cleanup and clearing…


And there’s my Husbands beloved 1964 Ford getting loaded up to go to it’s new home.


And there she goes… To my plumbers house. Yes, you read right, sold her to my plumber! And yes, to a GOOD home, which was VERY important to me. And that marks the last of the vehicles.


Now, I get to see what NEW surprises and hidden treasures (or trash) were hidden under the truck and cleanup that area…


Next, we start clearing the NEW shed area for the NEW shed size. Yes, size changed, but, that’s not all. My plumber who road along with the “clearing/road base guy” made some calls while we were trying to figure things and…

He found a place where I could get a bigger shed (20×40 vs 24×35) for possibly less money. AND it would be DRIVE THROUGH! Well, hell… I’m all for THAT! 🙂

Now, when we “planned” where the shed would actually fit, we finally settled on this area along the tree line, parallel to the driveway.

I know, it may sound funny when I say “we”, but, without all my “worker bees” input, help and ideas… I NEVER would have been able to accomplish all this by myself. I owe them a HUGE debt of gratitude!

I think a party is in order when it’s all said and done, don’t you? 🙂

Now, of course this would take up some of the turn around we created when we cleared out all the trees and brush. But, because none of us were sure how far back the fence line was (pretty dense brush and trees back there), we measured (and measured a few more times) and settled on dipping into the driveway space. So, we began clearing…


And here’s the finished shed area (before base and foundation, of course).



Yep, we just kept clearing and LOOK! It will now be tucked back into the trees! How cool is that!

Of course, I can’t design the shed for drive through anymore (yet another change to blueprints in my head), but, that’s ok. It all couldn’t have turned out any better. I’m absolutely THRILLED!

And we have plenty of room between the shed and the fence line (runs on the side of our property behind shed). We even decided to LEAVE the pile of trees and brush along the back to ward off uninvited guests (would be thieves). Plus, someone just bought the 7 acres next door, so, it blocks their view, as well, if they decide to build closer to the back of their property.

And there’s also enough space around the sides of the shed now to plant lethal cactus (HUGE aloe vera, agave, and something I call “killer cactus” we already have growing on our property). So, all I need do is secure the front and I’m set!


And YES, I STILL have the trash pile and piles of lumber at the back of the leach field… But, on it’s way out as we speak!

Next, we tackle the wood shed and yes… yet another trash pile that seemed to crop up. Will it never end?! Seriously, I’m beginning to think someone sneaks in at night and ADDS trash lol


And there she goes…



A little more cleanup where the wood shed used to be and time for more road base. Some is needed to fix the last road base debacle and some for the NEW shed pad base.


And YES, we had already REMOVED the previous trash pile, but, as we were demolishing the shed… We created yet ANOTHER trash pile from the odds and ends left in the shed (see next to house). Can you believe it?

Every time I get rid of one pile… Another one crops up! It’s INSANE!

And sadly, because it’s not a whole trailer load… It’s still sitting there. But, on the bright side… It’s a LOT smaller than the others were lol


ADDED BONUS… in goes our NEW shooting range. How cool is that? My brother, who LOVES to shoot guns, will sure be happy. He already told me… “when he gets back from vacation, we’ll have to shoot it full of… well holes!” lol


Now THAT’S a target! And the guy was SO nice (and bit of a perfectionist)… He put the roof and shingles on the back of the dirt pile and some on the front. Then, covered that with dirt. NOTHING is getting through that!

After all, even though some of our neighbors are well, idiots, and I wouldn’t miss them… I still don’t want to shoot them… just yet, anyway lol


And there’s the new shed area ready for concrete… SO close! And now it’s time to get (and pay for) the new shed!


And here’s our newly opened up addtl. parking space. Looking good… I LOVE IT! Just ignore the trash pile lol


Check out all that open space!


Our home looks so small now lol

And for added humor… look what I found hidden under a tarp in the leach field. Yep, treasures STILL keep cropping up! And this one makes TWO floor jacks!


Oh, but, WAIT! After further exploring the tall weeds and firewood piles over there, I also discover…



Why yes it is! A THIRD floor jack! Seriously, men really do need to learn when ONE of something is ALL you need lol

Next up… Some side humor and helpful tip while cleaning up the leach field. Stay tuned…

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