Yet another fall out thanks to Obamacare. My Husband has always had a hard time trying to find ONE Diabetic Specialist who hasn’t tried to kill him (prescribing FAR too much insulin then getting upset because he won’t overdose and and willingly die!). Well, thanks to all the new rules, regulations and out right BS Read More →

As I’ve stated before, I haven’t had health insurance for some years. Why? Because my Husband requires MANY things EVERY month to simply maintain his health. To me, this has been a small price to pay. But, NOW, thanks to Obama shoving health insurance down EVERY working Americans throat… This has changed. I would LOVE Read More →

Have YOU heard about “ObamaCare’s Secret Mandate Exemption”? WHY is no-one reporting on this?! Not a single news station has reported on this, not one. Just sad. Speaking as someone who has NOT had health care coverage, what will I be doing? Filing as hardship, NOT financial hardship, simply hardship. To understand what I’m talking Read More →


Why do I say dirty? Well, it beats what I’m really thinking :o) Not to mention, puts him in the proper “I can easily be bought” category, where this one obviously belongs. I, and thousands of others sent our dear local senators and representatives a letter regarding PROPER labeling of GMO’s (aka: genetically modified food). Read More →


The fight for our right to KNOW what exactly is in our food is far from over. Check out this video, then SHARE it with everyone you know. Because if WE don’t fight big money and overpowering Govt. and stand up for our rights… who will?


I recently read somewhere, that recent studies show more “FDA approved” drugs have now KILLED more people than auto accidents. And they STILL claim, drugs are your only healthy solution? I always knew the FDA, FTC and various other “special interest” groups (let’s call them what they are), push the limits to suppress Americans to Read More →


First, I have to say, and I truly don’t mean to offend anyone, but… The ignorance is this country is astounding. I was watching the Jay Leno show the other night, and he was asking “people on the street” simple questions everyone should know. Or so one would hope, anyway. Such as… “what does ww2 Read More →

As some of you know, I have been involved in Natural Health solutions (and dare I say remedies) for quite a few years now. And anyone who has been around the Natural Health Industry, it’s a little hard NOT to see what was  obviously coming. Just read my other posts for some other signs (like Read More →

Well, we ALL seen the writing on the wall and guess what… STOP whatever you are doing and READ this NOW… PLEASE do NOT take this lightly or ignore it. Your future health and that of your children DEPEND ON IT. I’m spending the rest of the day posting everywhere I can to get Read More →

IF the FDA is allowed to END the supplemental health industry… This will not only HURT those who rely on them for their health, but, the ensuing devastation to our economy will be unlike anything we have EVER experienced to date. Mark my words, this WILL effect EVERY AMERICAN in some way. As well as, Read More →