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Our oldest Granddaughter had recently come out to stay the weekend with me. And I was telling her about all the upgrades I was making… Added deadbolts Security Door Jam Bar Motion Sensor Monitors Security Lights Security Cameras Among other things I’ll soon be adding She started laughing and said… “Good grief Grandma, what do Read More →


Yes, you read right… Apparently I have an admirer. It hasn’t even been six months and one of the guys who “road along” with another person to pickup something up I was selling… came back and hung around for the next THREE days. Now, I WAS having a yard sale and he did help me Read More →


Well, here’s what I call STAGE 3 I KNOW! Looking pretty good, right?! This is our NEW and improved parking area. The first night it was finished, I sat out under one of the trees, turned on some jams, drank a beer and just soaked it all in. It was AWESOME! And here’s a better Read More →

Well, if you’ve been keeping up with all this, you’ve already seen the “before” pictures. And NOW, you’re going to see the after… I call this STAGE 2 You’ll notice the trash pile along the (left) side of the driveway is GONE. Whoohoo! And LOOK… There’s even a trailer that was hidden underneath! ALL the Read More →


First, I’d like to share some pics of what I was up against. This is what I call STAGE 1… This was our now growing trash pile… Trash from around the property, 2 storage sheds and a travel trailer, as well as, household trash. Now, on the bright side, when I had to take out Read More →