Approx. 4 months ago, I realized I had serious gum issues. And although not really surprising… Not ONE single dentist I’d seen over the years warned me. I guess they just ASSUME patients have the same knowledge they do, automatically KNOW the right questions to ask or simply don’t care. If life has taught me Read More →


It always astounds me how many drugs, new products (made/funded by drug companies and special interest groups) and COSTLY solutions we are continually bombarded with on T.V. and in the store. Especially when there is almost always a simple, easier, LESS costly, LESS toxic and harmful solution. For instance, do you suffer from constant irregularity? Read More →

This has been my CHEAP, simple and easy soft skin care solution since my early 20’s. I’m now 48 (at time of printing) and have NEVER had ANY rough skin patches on my elbows, knees or any of the other usual “problem areas” by using this simple solution. Want to know my “secret formula” for Read More →

The next time you pick up a supplementary food product, check the label. Proprietary blends are commonly found on nutritional labels of all kinds. These are simply a list of ingredients that do not show any actual individual value or amount of each item included in that proprietary blend. So, what does it actually mean? Read More →

For the first time ever, I was fortunate enough to get an abscessed tooth…whoo-hoo. Now, while I’ve dealt with small abscesses in the past, I’ve never had one near the root of a tooth before, nor this bad. And sure I don’t have to tell you, it was NO picnic. In fact, after only a Read More →