Well, it appears bluehost strikes again. They’re already well known for making changes to your .htacess/other VITAL file(s) without notice (you simply happen upon it, if you’re lucky). And now, they took it upon themselves to update my blogs THEME. Now, there was a VERY, VERY good reason why I have NOT updated that theme…. Read More →

Since the nightmare of the Obamacare role out began, my Husband and I have holding our breath. Why? One, I am now forced to buy health insurance which will TAKE AWAY from our ability to pay for all the healthcare he requires, but, also… Because of the obvious reeling insurance companies are now doing (trying Read More →


Like millions of others there are some medical issues that simply need the additional help of pharmaceutical drugs in order to cure or maintain good health. Now, unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you also know the pharmaceutical drug industry is BIG business. Case in point, my Husband takes pain medication for the Read More →

During one of my yard sales, I had struck up a conversation about health issues (something it seems we ALL share) and mentioned having no insurance. She informed me you COULD get Aflac without going through an employer, such as self-employed people obviously couldn’t do. And she would know, as she sold it. So, you Read More →


I had the most thought provoking and interesting conversation the other day… Do you realize, the majority of Americans are dumbing themselves down? It’s true. Think about it… Have you ever noticed that those who eat fresh, natural food (and YES, meat included)… Are MORE alert, energetic, quicker on their feet and hardly, if EVER, Read More →