First, I’d like to share some pics of what I was up against. This is what I call STAGE 1… This was our now growing trash pile… Trash from around the property, 2 storage sheds and a travel trailer, as well as, household trash. Now, on the bright side, when I had to take out Read More →


Now, before I get to the next part of this story… I spent approx. one month piling, sorting and carting buckets and boxes of tools and well, junk from storage buildings to the house. Where I would sit in my chair with the sorting bucket in front of me with the ENTIRE center of our Read More →

Anyone who’s lost a partner knows that sick feeling you get walking into your home right after a death… You see little pieces of them every where and in every room. No room is safe. You may even come to hate walking in the door. I know I did. Now, I know everyone handles death Read More →

Now as I said earlier, the death of my Husband did not come as a big surprise due to his already poor health. But, first, a quick history… The end began when he collapsed in our bathroom one morning. Come to find out he had pneumonia that he was either ignoring or treating it like Read More →


I decided to document my journey as a newly widowed wife, parent, and more importantly, as a woman (I truly believe the journey is much different for a man). Did I ever think I’d be a widow at 53? No Was it sudden or unexpected? Sadly no. My Husband, who I now miss more than Read More →

Well, it appears bluehost strikes again. They’re already well known for making changes to your .htacess/other VITAL file(s) without notice (you simply happen upon it, if you’re lucky). And now, they took it upon themselves to update my blogs THEME. Now, there was a VERY, VERY good reason why I have NOT updated that theme…. Read More →


Yet another fall out thanks to Obamacare. My Husband has always had a hard time trying to find ONE Diabetic Specialist who hasn’t tried to kill him (prescribing FAR too much insulin then getting upset because he won’t overdose and and willingly die!). Well, thanks to all the new rules, regulations and out right BS Read More →

Firstly, as of Oct 3rd they no longer offer a free shipping option, but rather a “$5 Flat Rate” option, as well as, Priority, among others. I STRONGLY suggest choosing the “Priority” option, if like me, you live in a hot zone (like Texas) and NEED tracking to avoid your order sitting in a HOT Read More →