We’re really seeing the effects from our 2 year drought, here in Texas. It’s been so bad at times, that almost DAILY I would either hear limbs breaking and falling or ENTIRE TREES cracking and falling to the ground somewhere on our 10 acres of wooded wonder land. It’s been truly sad to watch. So, Read More →

Since the nightmare of the Obamacare role out began, my Husband and I have holding our breath. Why? One, I am now forced to buy health insurance which will TAKE AWAY from our ability to pay for all the healthcare he requires, but, also… Because of the obvious reeling insurance companies are now doing (trying Read More →

As I’ve stated before, I haven’t had health insurance for some years. Why? Because my Husband requires MANY things EVERY month to simply maintain his health. To me, this has been a small price to pay. But, NOW, thanks to Obama shoving health insurance down EVERY working Americans throat… This has changed. I would LOVE Read More →

Have YOU heard about “ObamaCare’s Secret Mandate Exemption”? WHY is no-one reporting on this?! Not a single news station has reported on this, not one. Just sad. Speaking as someone who has NOT had health care coverage, what will I be doing? Filing as hardship, NOT financial hardship, simply hardship. To understand what I’m talking Read More →

Approx. 4 months ago, I realized I had serious gum issues. And although not really surprising… Not ONE single dentist I’d seen over the years warned me. I guess they just ASSUME patients have the same knowledge they do, automatically KNOW the right questions to ask or simply don’t care. If life has taught me Read More →


Why do I say dirty? Well, it beats what I’m really thinking :o) Not to mention, puts him in the proper “I can easily be bought” category, where this one obviously belongs. I, and thousands of others sent our dear local senators and representatives a letter regarding PROPER labeling of GMO’s (aka: genetically modified food). Read More →

The fight for our right to KNOW what exactly is in our food is far from over. Check out this video, then SHARE it with everyone you know. Because if WE don’t fight big money and overpowering Govt. and stand up for our rights… who will? participate