It always astounds me how many drugs, new products (made/funded by drug companies and special interest groups) and COSTLY solutions we are continually bombarded with on T.V. and in the store. Especially when there is almost always a simple, easier, LESS costly, LESS toxic and harmful solution. For instance, do you suffer from constant irregularity? Read More →


I thought this would be of great interest to any smokers out there. I recently discovered a great new product – the Green Smoke electronic cigarette. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! And wish they’d come out with these YEARS ago! To declare the Green Smoke e-cigarette as the finest in the market would be a serious Read More →

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This has been my CHEAP, simple and easy soft skin care solution since my early 20’s. I’m now 48 (at time of printing) and have NEVER had ANY rough skin patches on my elbows, knees or any of the other usual “problem areas” by using this simple solution. Want to know my “secret formula” for Read More →


I recently read somewhere, that recent studies show more “FDA approved” drugs have now KILLED more people than auto accidents. And they STILL claim, drugs are your only healthy solution? I always knew the FDA, FTC and various other “special interest” groups (let’s call them what they are), push the limits to suppress Americans to Read More →

I won’t rehash all the news, as you can find it anywhere. But, I do want to highlight a couple finer points that in my opinion, are not only irresponsible, but, flat should NEVER happen. Period. Now, living just mere miles away from the Bastrop wildfire, and the fact my Husband works in Bastrop, we’ve Read More →